Crop Protection Chemicals Market: Europe is the leading market till forecast

Europe will lead the crop protection chemicals market in the coming years. This is due to the demand for chemical products for fruits and vegetables to combat weed. Asia Pacific will have a significant share in the market since the region is a major producer of agricultural products, such as cotton, rice and maize. The region also produces different types of subtropical and tropical fruits. The principal crops which are grown in the region include rice, pulses and wheat which need crop protection chemicals for a better yield. This factor drives the demand for the plant protection in Asia Pacific.

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The fruit and vegetables segment will dominate the market during the forecast period. This is due to the increasing demand from the food processing industry. The changing consumer dietary habits which include good quality fruits and vegetables will also strengthen this segment. Rice segment will also have a major share in the crop protection chemicals market. China and India are the largest consumers for rice, which makes these nations, depend on crop pesticides, to a great extent.

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Selected driving factors mentioned in the full report

The introduction of biopesticides will enhance the demand for crop protection chemicals.

The increasing demand for crop protection chemicals to kill plant invasives will enhance the demand for crop insecticides.

The increase in farming of biofuel crops in developed countries along with the need to protect the crops will spur the market growth.

The growing demand for cereals and oil seeds and high crop loss due to the hazardous weeds and herbs will trigger the need for crop protection chemicals.

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Key players of the Crop Protection Chemicals Market

The key players of the crop protection chemicals market include Agraquest Inc., BASF SE, Bayer AG, Dow Agrosciences LLC, and EI DuPont De Nemours and Co. Agraquest Inc provides biological and low chemical pest, disease control and yield enhancing products for agricultural, home and garden and food safety markets. BASF SE operates in five segments namely Chemicals, Performance products, functional material and solutions, agricultural solutions and oil & gas. The chemicals segment manufactures solvents, crop protection products, plasticizers and medicines. Bayer AG works in the following segments namely pharmaceuticals, consumer health, crop science and animal health. Dow Agrosciences LLC develops crop protection and plant Biotechnology solutions for the growing world. EI DuPont De Nemours provides agriculture products which include hybrid corn and soybean seed varieties.

Crop Protection Chemicals Market is segmented as below:

The increasing demand for herbicides to wipe out the plant invasives will drive the growth of the crop protection chemicals during the forecast period.

A. Crop Protection Chemicals Market By Pest Control Nature
1. Bio-Pesticides
1.1. Biochemical Pesticides
1.1.1. Attractants/Repellants
1.1.2. Enzymes
1.1.3. Plant & Inset Growth Regulators
1.1.4. Semiochemicals (like Pheromones)
1.2. Microbial Pesticides
1.2.1. Bactericides
1.2.2. Fungicides
1.2.3. Insecticides
1.2.4. Virucides
1.2.5. Nematicides
1.3. Plant Incorporated Protectants
2. Pesticides/Chemical or Synthetic Pesticides
2.1. Fungicides
2.1.1. Cupric Salts
2.1.2. Dicarboximides
2.1.3. Dinitrophenoles
2.1.4. Organotin Compounds
2.1.5. Dithiocarbamates
2.1.6. Thiocarbamates
2.1.7. Tiabendazoles
2.1.8. Triazoles
2.2. Herbicides
2.2.1. Non-Selective Herbicide Glyphosate Imazapyr Paraquat Sodium Chlorate
2.2.2. Selective Herbicide 2,4-D Aminopyralid Fluazifop Fluroxypyr Triazines Imazapic
2.3. Insecticides
2.3.1. Carbamates
2.3.2. Manganese Compounds
2.3.3. Organochlorine
2.3.4. Organophosphorus
2.4. Pyrethroids
2.5. Others
2.5.1. Defoliants & Desiccants
2.5.2. Fumigants
2.5.3. Miticides
2.5.4. Molluscicides
2.5.5. Nematicides
2.5.6. Rodenticides

B. Crop Protection Chemicals Market By Type
1. Cereals, Millets & Oilseeds
2. Cotton
3. Fruits & Vegetables
4. Plantation Crops
5. Pulses

C. Crop Protection Chemicals Market by geography (10+ countries)

D. Crop Protection Chemicals Market by entropy
E. Company profiles
1. AG Biochem Inc.
2. AG Biotech Australia Pty. Ltd.
3. Agraquest Inc.
5. Bayer AG
6. Dow Agrosciences LLC
7. EI DuPont De Nemours and Co.
8. Monsanto Co.
9. Potash Corp. SAS Inc.
10. Syngenta AG
11. Troy Biosciences Inc.
12. Valent Biosciences Corp.
13. Company 15+

F. Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

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