Creating the Perfect Gift Basket

Gift baskets are great gifts for holidays, special occasions or as a “thank you” gift. However, a pre-made gift basket can come across as impersonal and thoughtless because the items contained within are not edible or even to the liking of the recipient. A simple solution is to make your own gift basket; this is often more economical than buying one anyways since retailers tack on a huge markup on gift baskets.


The trick is tailoring the basket so the recipient knows it was created just for them. One of the great things about gift baskets is you don’t even need a basket; creativity is your best friend when designing and building a perfect gift basket.


Do Your Homework


Before you even start to make the gift basket, do some homework. Find out what the person getting it likes and doesn’t like. If possible, find out about food items they are allergic to as well. Not everyone can eat nuts, likes beef jerky or will ever use bath soaps or candles. You’re wasting your money if you don’t know the types of items that will raise an eyebrow of the recipient.


Seek Unusual Additions


You did your homework and are gathering the perfect assortment of items. Don’t get that basket yet because you don’t know exactly how large of a container is needed until you have all the items. But lets assume that your gift is going to someone who loves drinking tea. Making a tea-themed basket is the perfect idea.


But don’t just run to the market and grab a few boxes of earl grey. Go to a specialty store or shop online to find unique blends, the perfect steeper and teacup. Novelty items like honey spoons are great additions that people love. The gift basket should be a step-up on all the basics – find the items the person would love to have but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves on a regular basis.


Find the Perfect “Basket”


The great thing about gift baskets is you don’t need to actually use a basket. In fact, most retailers try to find unique containers and dishes to set baskets apart, make them feel new and inspired. One of our favorite “baskets” was a barbeque-lovers basket laid out perfectly in a small hibatchi grill. It stayed with the theme and was functional for a camping trip or day at the beach. Inside the basket was an array of unique barbecue sauces including a sweet honey pecan sauce.


But the basket was more than just savory sauces and rubs. It had essential grilling tools and a personalized cutting board perfect for any grill master. Even the filler was wood chips and some shredded paper, perfect to start the grill with ease.


Arrange and Wrap


When arranging the gift basket, make sure you have enough shredded paper fill the areas and help prop up items to highlight. Part of the joy of getting a gift basket is seeing all the great things in it. Take your time and work with the larger items first.


For example, a raw honey gift basket might have several honey samplers. You may also include nuts, dried fruits and crackers. Adding some tea samples so the recipient can enjoy a nice cup of tea with honey and an energizing snack makes a robust gift basket. Take the larger bags of fruit and arrange the smaller sampler items in front so everything can be seen with ease.


Use tape to keep everything in place and then wrap with cello wrap. Making a perfect gift basket takes a little effort but can become the perfect gift that people talk about for months to come.


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