Crashing the Cruise In

Logan is so famous for its Cruise In and I wanted to be a part of it all. So, 12 years ago I bought two 1980 Buicks – one a convertable one a parts car. Paid $2,000 for them both – what a deal!!

I was going to restore them in my barn in Paradise. After a few years I moved them out of the barn and a couple of years later Paradise made me move them.

Lewiston looked like a freedom loving burg and I had a house there that we were renting. Had an acre and put them out back. Now Lewiston has made me move them to an unidentified location where we will see how long it will take this town to become an ‘old car hater’ too!!

The question is what happened to freedom – including the freedom to buy an old car and let it rust until such time as it is ready to be restored; and where do they think all these cars came from that are paraded around and admired? They came from old pastures and barns and not a single one of them came from Nucor or the crusher!!

Live and let the neighbors live too!


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