Cowboy, Winner of 7 National Awards to Sing at Hastings Today

Fourth generation land and cattle owner, rancher, cowboy and #1 best selling author Reid Lance Rosenthal will be signing copies of his novel, Threads West today at Hastings in Logan from 2 pm to 7 Pm.

The novel is the namesake of the six-book series Threads West, an American Saga, which has been compared to Lonesome Dove and Centennial by reviewers, authors, and readers alike. Some have called it the Gone with The Wind of the West. The story has won seven natioanl awards in the past year including, Best Western, Best Romance and Best Historical Fiction in New York in May of this year.

Threads West begins in 1855 and the series will span a story arc of 170 years, the last book, Summits, set in the real time of the contemporary West. It is the tale of disparate threads of lives of uncommon social origin from Europe and elsewhere, which weave together to form the tapestry of an emerging nation.

The strong men and driven women are swept into the dangerous currents of the far-distant frontier by the mysterious rivers of fate. Their turbulent journeys are heartbreaking quests intertwined with romance, and adversity, passions and pathos, despair, Threads West is not just their story, It is our story. It is the adventure and romance of the West, wrapped in a silver bolo of the American spirit.


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