Councilor Mejia calls for her first hearing regarding Sanctuary Safe Spaces

“I need to thank very importantly the people of Boston, many of the residents who took time out of their busy lives to exercise their free and democratic right this past September and November. Because of you, this once local kid from Boston, who landed here as an immigrant with tight shoes and open dreams is standing today on this day as a City Council representative,” said Councilor Mejia during her Maiden Speech, her first speech from the Council floor.

This week, Council Mejia offered an order for a hearing regarding civil rights in the creation of Sanctuary Safe Spaces in Boston. As a daughter of an immigrant mother who was undocumented, she connected her own lived experiences with Boston’s population, and immigrant communities living in fear of deportation. She pointed out that encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has risen under the current federal administration, emphasizing the need to create sanctuary safe spaces in schools, youth and community centers, and other places where City services can be accessed.

Councilor Mejia closed her speech saying, “I will swear on this day, with my colleagues at my side, and all the people of Boston that we will be heard – all of our voices – and say out loud that everyone, everyone counts.” 

Contact Department: City Council

Publish Date: Fri, 01/17/2020 – 3:29pm