GLENDALE, Ariz. – Desert Palms Elementary school celebrated Read Across America with Barrel District Councilmember Bart Turner, who was invited to read the book, “Little Red Cowboy Hat” by Susan Lowell, an Arizona native.

In preparation for the 20th Anniversary of Read Across America, third-grade teachers Beth Martin and Theresa Fowler researched about local government and the city of Glendale. They discovered that the school’s local city representative is Councilmember Bart Turner.

Councilmember Turner not only read to the class but also answered student questions about the role of a councilmember and what it takes to become an elected official. He also explained how reading is important in his work and duties as a councilmember.

“The students thought that the councilmember read with gusto while he was also giving them lessons on some words in the book used by people in the old west,” said Theresa Fowler.

All in all, the third graders unanimously gave Councilmember Turner high marks for reading and all agreed that he should continue to represent Desert Palms Elementary school and Barrel District.


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