Vision for a vibrant city center

City of Glendale ArizonaGlendale, Ariz. –The Glendale City Council unanimously approved a contract awarding Downtown Manager services for the city to the Glendale Chamber of Commerce at Tuesday evening’s formal council meeting.

The Glendale Historic Downtown District has long been a priority focus for the city. The city’s Economic Development staff recommended using the services of an independent Downtown Manager under the umbrella of a private organization to develop a diverse, cohesive and unified perspective on strategic priorities for Glendale’s Historic Downtown District. The Downtown Manager will be working with all business interests to have a voice in shaping their future.

The first efforts of the Downtown Manager will be to connect with every member of the downtown business community and invite them to work collaboratively to identify their priorities and establish coordinated strategies to assist their businesses.

“Glendale’s Downtown is not only the heart of our community, it is the soul of our community,” said Mayor Jerry Weiers following the vote. “To achieve the council’s vision, we must support a vibrant city center that we are all proud of while facilitating the sustainability of our Downtown Glendale businesses. This priority requires targeted, consistent support and focus. Through our significant partnerships over the years, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce has consistently proven their commitment to our downtown and I am confident they will do a phenomenal job.”

The chamber will lead the downtown merchant efforts in the presentation and revitalization of historic downtown Glendale. Strategies and plans will be developed to create a more diverse, livable and sustainable downtown, while encouraging new economic development.

“Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into our city center,” said City Manager Kevin Phelps. “This exciting partnership provides the opportunity for the downtown business community to collectively identify and advance their shared priorities to meet the unique needs of downtown Glendale.”

According to city officials, the new public-private partnership will strengthen Downtown Glendale and encourage an environment of activity, energy and vitality. Moreover, the partnership is intended to unite Historic Downtown Glendale partners and stakeholders in a common goal to increase the economic prosperity of business, and grow residential opportunities for the City of Glendale.

“Revitalization of downtown Glendale remains a top priority for our Economic Development Team,” said Economic Development Director Brian Friedman. “In order to re-energize our downtown in a meaningful and sustainable way, specific strategic actions should be taken to diversify and grow our local economy. The Downtown Manager will facilitate, promote, and advance the efforts to revitalize our downtown core by building on the strong social fabric and superb physical characteristics of our historic downtown.”

Led by CEO Robert Heidt, the chamber will work cooperatively with the city’s Economic Development Office to deliver Downtown Management services throughout the life of the contract by providing enhanced direct services targeting marketing and economic development.

“Through our redevelopment initiatives and strategies, downtown Glendale will get the focused attention necessary to create jobs, revitalize the business climate, attract new businesses, and introduce sustainable new development,” said Heidt.  “We will also help the city “build a framework to positively influence and impact the economic health and preservation of historic downtown Glendale.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of the relationship we have built with the city and its Economic Development team,” said Heidt. “For us it’s all about promises made and promises kept, and we appreciate the vote of confidence the city council has given us.”

The three-year Downtown Manager contract begins July 1, 2017 and includes a renewal option for two additional years.

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