Council Approves Agreement with Bannock County Historical Society for Operation of Ft. Hall Replica

Pocatello IdahoSoon the Ft. Hall Replica, Bannock County Historical Museum, and Pocatello Junction will be under the same umbrella.


At Thursday’s Pocatello City Council meeting, councilmembers voted to approve a memorandum of agreement between the City of Pocatello and the Bannock County Historical Society. The new document turns over day-to-day operation of the Fort Hall Replica and Pocatello Junction to the Society from the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. The Society is currently responsible for the operations of the Bannock County Historical Museum, located in the Historic Complex at Upper Ross Park next to the Replica and Junction.


“We’re excited for the possibilities for the Fort Hall Replica and Pocatello Junction under the stewardship of the Bannock County Historical Society,” said John Banks, Parks and Recreation Department Director. “The Society has expressed a desire to improve the Replica and Junction facilities. Potential improvements would help to create a better experience for visitors and increase attendance at the Museum, Replica, and Junction.”


City staff estimate the changes will save the City approximately $7,000 by reducing costs associated with staffing the Replica.


Opening day for the Fort Hall Replica and Pocatello Junction is May 27.

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