CORRECTING and REPLACING Luma Therapeutics Announces Positive Clinical Data for the Illuvinate System, a New In-Home Treatment for Psoriasis

Results Demonstrate Significant Healing That Is Maintained Even
Following Treatment

MILLBRAE, Calif. & WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–URL in the Luma Therapeutics boilerplate of release dated Mar. 6, 2019
should read www.lumatherapeutics.com.

The corrected release reads:


Results Demonstrate Significant Healing That Is Maintained Even
Following Treatment

Luma Therapeutics, a company dedicated to eradicating suffering from
inflammatory skin disease, today announced positive results from three
clinical studies evaluating in-home treatment of patients with plaque
psoriasis. Findings from the studies, which assessed the company’s
FDA-cleared illuvinate™ System, were presented during the annual meeting
of the American Academy of Dermatology Annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

The results of the third study, presented by Tina Bhutani, M.D., of the
UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, Calif., demonstrated significant
improvement in symptoms and appearance for plaques treated with
illuvinate, with healing that was maintained eight weeks following

The multi-site study measured clinical outcomes from 52 target psoriasis
plaques in 26 patients, with an untreated plaque on each patient serving
as the control. In the study, Target Plaque Assessment (TPA) score was
assessed at the beginning of the study and over a period of six weeks
while using illuvinate. This score included assessments of scale,
redness and thickness of plaques. Findings showed a 66% reduction in TPA
score at six weeks for plaques treated with illuvinate compared with a
15% reduction for untreated plaques. At 14 weeks (eight weeks following
treatment), results showed a 70% reduction in TPA score, suggesting a
therapeutic effect sustained beyond the treatment period. Nearly
one-third of patients had complete clearance of plaque at 14 weeks.

“These data suggest that illuvinate provides Goeckerman-like healing for
patients with plaque psoriasis, which continues even beyond the
treatment period,” said Dr. Bhutani. “I believe illuvinate offers an
exciting new prospect for many patients looking for an alternative to
biologics and creams.”

“Psoriasis is a challenging condition to manage, and many patients feel
disheartened by the inability to find a treatment option that works and
provides lasting long relief,” said Dr. Jeffrey Sugarman, M.D., Ph.D.,
of Redwood Family Dermatology who served as the principal investigator
of the study. “I have been impressed by the results, and particularly
the durability of results, that I have seen in patients who have used
the system.”

“As a psoriasis sufferer myself, I know the frustration these patients
feel with the treatment options currently available to them,” said
founder and CEO Evan Anderson. “We are pleased that the positive results
of these studies show illuvinate’s innovative light therapy system
delivers significant benefit including sustained, durable healing,
suggesting that illuvinate has the potential to improve quality of life
for these patients.”

About illuvinate™

The FDA-cleared illuvinate System is an innovative treatment
designed to provide lasting relief from psoriasis symptoms. Inspired by
the Goeckerman Regimen, a 100-year-old proven therapy that results in
long periods of remission lasting over a year.1 However this
treatment is only available at a handful of specialized centers and
often requires multiple day-long clinic visits over a period of weeks,
creating barriers to widespread adoption. Luma Therapeutics has
redesigned the key elements of the Goeckerman Regimen to make it
available to patients in their own home.

Illuvinate has been demonstrated to reduce local inflammation, rehydrate
the skin and restore normal skin cells. The system includes patented
hydrating technology, a narrowband UV LED light system, and a
proprietary app-based dosing algorithm. The therapy is applied for just
minutes each day over a six-week period from the comfort and convenience
of home. The system can now be prescribed either by a dermatologist or
via Luma’s telehealth provider, HealthLens.

About Luma Therapeutics

Based in Silicon Valley, Luma Therapeutics is a privately held medical
technology company committed to developing innovative and convenient
therapies for the millions of people around the world suffering from
inflammatory skin disease. In collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Luma
Therapeutics developed the FDA-cleared illuvinate™ System to offer
patients with psoriasis an effective treatment option that can be used
at home. The company has also been supported by StartX accelerator and
the Rosenman Institute at QB3. For more information visit www.lumatherapeutics.com.

1 Gupta, Rishu, et al. “The Goeckerman Regimen for the
Treatment of Moderate to Severe Psoriasis.” Journal of
Visualized Experiments
, no. 77, 2013, doi:10.3791/50509.


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