Cool Tastings at Zeppe’s Italian Water Ice

It is 95 degrees outside. Getting into a hot car has lost its appeal from the early spring. And, you are looking for a way to cool off that is a bit unique without running through the sprinklers. What do you do?

I had this dilemma the other day. I had a couple of kids with me and we had about 40 minutes before a movie started. Of course, there are the snow cone shacks that dot the valley. However, I don????????t really like eating the shaved ice with syrup too often. I wanted something a little more gentile.

We were fairly close to Zeppe????????s on the north end of Logan, so we headed over. I was looking forward to relaxing for a few minutes with something cool and air conditioning.

Zeppe????????s is kind of stark inside, but it is still relaxing. Not a lot of noise so you can have a conversation and really relax. While we were there, there were several other groups that had the same idea to beat the heat.

Zeppe????????s has Italian Water Ice and old fashioned custard. They can be ordered together for a creamy treat, or separately. What is the difference between a shaved ice and the Italian water ice? Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of difference. With a shaved ice, syrup is poured over the ice. With an Italian water ice, it is like the flavor is infused into the ice crystals (think closer to a sherbet.)

The flavors change often. On the day that we visited, there was watermelon, pineapple, black cherry, lemon, root beer, banana, passion fruit, mango and a few others. The flavors are robust and every bite has flavor. If you are a bit undecided, or just want to experiment, the flavorrs can be mixed and matched.

I have also enjoyed the Gelata, which has a layer of the custard with a layer of Italian water ice and topped with more custard. It is refreshing and creamy.

When we visited the service was friendly and efficient. What can you expect? There are only a few choices, so the servers can focus on being pleasant.

If you are going, Zeppe????????s is located at 1309 North Main in Logan, Utah. (


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