Control Cravings With Your Brain

Title: Control Cravings with Your Brain
Date: Tues. Aug. 18, 6:00-7:00 pm
Location: SLC Fit Collective: 1597 S 1100 E    Salt Lake City,  UT  84105

If you've been struggling with weight loss and eating healthy, there is an easier way rather than struggling with willpower and fighting yourself. You can train your brain to short-circuit cravings and get your mind as your ally. 
Discover powerful mental strategies to transform your cravings for a lighter you!
Whether you want to lose weight naturally, get healthy and fit, have more energy or avoid certain foods due to allergies and health issues, you'll find the answers to control your cravings with powerful mental strategies. 

  • Learn Where Cravings Come From
  • Find Out How to Short-Circuit Cravings
  • Decode the Messages of Cravings
  • Discover Powerful Mental Strategies to Stay on Track
  • Plus, much more!

Discover the power of your mind to overcome cravings and bad habits and slim down naturally to your lighter freer self.  Through relaxation and focus techniques of hypnosis, we'll get your unconscious mind to shift its focus from unhealthy foods to healthy food choices. Here's what people are saying: 
"I stopped craving junk food, it just doesn't sound good to me anymore." Janet K, Portland OR.
"Weight loss seems yummy to me now, I'm craving squash and fresh fruits." Sandra H, Salt Lake City, UT.
"I just can't stop eating salad, it just tastes so good to me." -Kathy B, Vancouver, WA.
Find out what you need to know to work with your mind and stay on track with healthy eating for greater health, lasting energy and slimming down to your lighter, freer self. 
Part of the Summer Time Fun Series! Get your passport and earn PRIZES for the small and easy steps you take this summer! Register for free at http://alightersystem.com/summer-time-fun
Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer has been teaching weight loss and healthy lifestyle classes for more than 10 years. She helps people rewire the brain to change the REAL reasons we gain weight: old habits, mental blocks, cravings, lack of motivation and self sabotage. She has authored two books, A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body and A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action, plus created the 6 Hypnosis CD set A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss. She loves teaching classes and empowering clients to take charge of old patterns for greater health and well being. www.alighteryousystem.com

Contact: Holly Stokes, 801-810-9406 
Email: [email protected]


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