Constitution? What Constitution?

Okay my friends,

I am a journalist. So I look at things from many angles. Here’s an article by one of my friends I thought would be appropriate to share ~

It’s kind of a strange thing when people don’t even recognize their rights. But times are changing. At the “mass media” if finally beginning to figure it out after these “changes” have been covered by the alternative media, for years.

We have lost the fundamentals of the United States. I focus strongly on the financial markets, as most know. Those who know me, know and understand what I STAND for. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Interestingly, I permit others to go “in depth” and then quote their work while giving them credit. I’m not out for notoriety. In fact, I prefer a life of peace. I’ve already broken my back going through four different universities which educate (supposedly) our youth. The American system of education has to change, as well as our way of electing officials into office. This is a total joke. What is going on right now is happening because we place incompetent people into office that are financed by the banks and the oligarchs. It’s also termed a “kleptocracy” which has led to fascism in the Unite States political system.

What I would suggest is that America gets back to the foundation for whhich this country was created. . .FREEDOM. Also inclusive is the right for individuals to live in PEACE. We have fallen so far offboard that it is pathetic. We use to help one another, and now we fight with one another. Am I missing something here? The “music” has left our land.

Hey, I’m still waiting for Barack Obama to come and debate me at Utah State University. You know what? He won’t do it. He’s not an American citizen. Not “natural born” that is. Like I said before, I have all the information on my blogging thread and “Bacon Man” also known as “Howard Nivison” has figured it out.

Time to end this short column. Have a peaceful evening and listen to a little music. Van Morrison is my musician of the day.

Keep the faith. We are catching up with the oligarchs much quicker than they can run away.


Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State, UC Irvine and AZ State Universities


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