Consider a Mesquite, Nevada Retirement

Recently my wife and I spent a couple of days in Mesquite, Nevada on our way to Dana Point, California. The small city nestled between Las Vegas, Nevada and St. George, Utah was a pleasant surprise to both of us.

We stayed at the Casa Blanca Resort (see: Link) where our grandchildren enjoyed the large pool out back and we overate in the all you can eat cafe upstairs. We enjoyed our stay there.

During our stay in Mesquite we explored the town. We were amazed at all the new(er) infrastructure… new hospital, about seven newer golf courses, lots of new neighborhoods, new city buildings, new roads, new casino, new businesses, new condos, etc. It's like a small new city perfectly located to become the ideal retirement area for anyone looking for a place in the sun that represents a lower cost of living than Yuba, Las Vegas, Phoenix, St. George or Southern California.

There were hundreds of developed lots with no homes completed yet. These left over lots are a legacy of the big real estate crash. The builders are starting to build again, and it's beginning to look like a recovery. The time to buy would be now, at the early stage of the recovery there.

We stopped by and looked at the Desert Shade Apartments (formerly: Sun Valley Apartments. See: Link). It was clear the new owners are working feverishly to renovate these apartments. We found they would rent a two bedroom apartment for only $500/month. What a great place to rent during the winter (or even year around if you're retired). With seven or eight golf courses, several casinos and other attractions it seems like an inexpensive place to winter or to retire to.

I couldn't help but fantasize about the reduced taxes in the State of Nevada. In fact, the tax situation is so fantastic I've thought about moving there to significantly reduce my cost of living and my tax burden in my old age. Lower taxes can make a huge difference in providing sustainable living in your old age. See: Link

From Mesquite it's only 70 miles to Las Vegas or 40 miles to St. George. Anytime you want some variety for a weekend it's a short freeway drive to either of those fantastic venues.

In the winter time Mesquite is superior to St. George, Utah in the weather category. Most days it's 10 degrees warmer than St. George.

If you are retiring on a fixed income and want to make every dollar count while having a fun place to live in a sunny climate you should seriously consider Mesquite, Nevada. See: Link

Mesquite, Nevada, The Best Kept Retirement Secret in the U.S.A.–Link


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