Conquer the call to conserve; Mayor Green invites residents to take the pledge

Castle Rock Colorado News and InformationCastle Rock is a community that understands conservation. Our residents have worked hard to reduce their water use by more than 20 percent. Nonetheless, the Town has set a goal to cut back another 18 percent by 2055. With that goal in mind, Castle Rock Water and Mayor Jennifer Green are encouraging residents to take conservation to the next level.


The Mayor’s Conservation Challenge to “Fill” the Rock is encouraging residents throughout Castle Rock to think about ways to conserve more water around their homes. Join this call to conserve by taking a free online conservation pledge.


While the pledge only takes a few minutes to complete, fulfilling the pledge could add up to big savings for our community. Pledge to take a shorter shower, fix that leaky faucet, wash only full loads of laundry or invest in Energy Star appliances.


Some less obvious pledges could also add up to huge savings. Commit to using refillable water bottles to save both water and the environment. Did you know for every liter of bottled water sold, it takes two additional liters of water to complete the production process?


Join the community and Mayor Green to take a pledge and the Town will add up those savings during April to help “fill” the Rock. Of course the Town’s landmark is solid, but what if we could “fill” it with water savings?


Head to CRconserve.com/WaterPledge now through Sunday, April 30 to take the pledge to “fill” the Rock. The Town is partnering with the Wyland Foundation, as well as the National League of Cities, EPA Office of Water and the U.S. Forest Service to encourage residents around the country to take the online pledge.


Take the pledge to “fill” the Rock with water savings and help the Town get more pledges than surrounding communities. Castle Rock could come out as the most water conscious community in Colorado.


If Castle Rock is ranked among the top pledging communities in the nation, the Town’s participants could get entered to win one of more than 1,000 prizes, provided by the Wyland Foundation, worth a total of $50,000.


Get more information and take the pledge at CRconserve.com/WaterPledge.


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