Connections Count-It’s Who You Know

Connections Count-It’s Who You Know
“A big part of business these days, is:  ‘Who you know’”, states Russ Porath, Sales and Marketing Manager of Eclipse Wireline.  “You also need to know: who needs what, who is looking for what, and how to help them find it, and then make it work for them.”

“In our business, we have and are utilizing several marketing strategies and methods of diversification; to not only stay in business, but, to keep building our contacts and create future opportunities for conducting that business”.   Eclipse Wireline doesn’t consider their business dealings to be one-shot deals.  They pride themselves on building a long-term customer base with repeat business and the maintenance programs they offer with guarantees on their products.
Eclipse not only builds new top of the line wireline trucks for the oil and gas industry, but has the connections to help those businesses take advantage of an economic need to either sell unused equipment sitting unused in company yards; or for other companies, who need to buy equipment or perhaps refurbished units that will meet a present need in this volatile market.

“Equipment that sits idle isn’t an effective way to conduct business these days”, says Design/Materials Manager, Joel Johnson.  “We offer the option of: consulting and evaluation services as part of our service-oriented and equipment maintenance strategies.  We have people who’ll travel, if a seller needs the services of equipment analysis and appraisal.  It gives them the option to turn unused equipment into cash for other products they do need.

Also, Eclipse Wireline has the capabilities to refurbish outdated units product lines and get them to customers located anywhere in the world.”

With the restrictions and stringent requirements that companies must adhere to on location within the U. S., many older units cannot be resold, and kept in use, even by bringing them up to current specs.

However, as Mr. Porath explained during this interview, older units in good working order, or those requiring some modifications, can and are needed elsewhere in the world; and Eclipse Wireline has the connections and abilities to make a deal happen.

This comment was proved true, when only moments later, Mr. Porath fielded a call from a customer out of Bahrain who was looking for a truck needed for a job located in Bolivia and Ecuador.  He was flying in from Texas, to Utah where he would meet with employees in Logan to look over trucks warehoused there.

By using social media and networking, such as LinkedIn’s 2000 connections and Facebook’s almost 5000, Eclipse Wireline has built a powerful network of contacts for new, almost new, and used trucks and equipment.  They will acquire, then refurbish in their Logan plant, these units to the specifications desired for the type of job needed by the buyer.

Once again, Eclipse Wireline has shown they are in the marketplace and industry to stay; by using innovation, current technology, person to person contacts, company referrals and business communications strategies with social media and up-to-date marketing trends.

Eclipse Wireline intends to stay in the game by staying on top, and putting the needs of their customers first.  The following links can provide more information on products and services that Eclipse Wireline may be able to provide for you.


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