Compliance Bureau Commander Completes Elite FBI Training

NEW ORLEANS – NOPD’s Commander of Compliance and policy implementation of the Consent Decree Otha Sandifer was one of 227 law enforcement leaders throughout the country to graduate from the exclusive FBI specialized training academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Training included courses on terrorist mindset, communication, health/fitness forensic science, law, leadership development to an extensive obstacle course and grueling 6.1 mile run. Otha Sandifer was the first Commander to represent the NOPD in 5 years at the 10-week FBI Academy training, which is offered four times a year.

“The opportunity I just experienced is unparalleled compared to any other training,” said Commander Otha Sandifer. “In my opinion, it was truly top level training for law enforcement especially considering today’s climate with having to deal with the complex challenges in policing.”

Last Friday (Mar. 17), Sandifer graduated from the 10-week training where he completed a total of 17 hours of college courses, which included graduate credits and physical fitness courses including anaerobic power and sprint interval training. All courses were accredited by the University of Virginia.

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