Competitive Fact or Fiction: Does Location Matter?

Competitive Fact or Fiction:
 Does Location Matter?

One of the most commonly asked questions of Russ Porath, Sales/Marketing Manager for Eclipse Wireline is: ‘How can you compete with your competitors when you are located so far away from your customers?’

“It’s not the distance, which is the real question here”, Porath answers.  “It’s our policy of long term commitment to our customers, no matter where they’re located, and we have customers worldwide.  We believe in serving their needs.  It’s true that our products are on the upper end cost-wise, but the old adage here is true. ‘You get what you pay for!’  The components we use are of the highest quality.  Our workmanship and attention to detail–top of the line.”

“Not to discredit our competitors, because many of them have good product and are closer in distance to our customers base of operations; but we do it better!  We recognize that our potential customer’s concerns with being based in Northern Utah, and so far away from their work zones, but we stand behind our service and dependability.  If or when an issue develops with one of our units, we are on call 24/7 to answer calls.  If the problem can’t be solved by one of our qualified 4-tier team members working through things step by step over the phone…we go to them as fast as we can.”

With the present oil market so volatile and many jobs being lost due to oil companies shutting down rigs, Eclipse Wireline is making even more of an effort to stay on top by continuing with their present philosophy: By using quality construction, components, and excellent service operations, they know that in the long run their trucks will save their customers time and money; because they are built to last and stand up to the rigorous use they’re put through daily.  In spite of inevitable rumors that seem to go around during economic crises and depressed markets, and with competition being so fierce for industry dollars, Eclipse Wireline is determined to remain as stable as possible through continuous commitment to customer service.

Location was an issue at first with Jamie Stephensen, gyro division-operations manager, of Phoenix Technology Services.  When interviewed, he stated, “While looking for options on the internet six months ago, I knew I had alternatives within a 50 mile radius of my base of operations in West Texas, but I quickly became convinced and willing to pay more for the fit and finish, and the best attention to detail that Eclipse Wireline provides.” He later said that he had dealt with at least 35 other companies over the years, and Eclipse’s quality was superior.  When a problem came up, and couldn’t be figured out over the phone, Eclipse employee, Scott Hansen flew in within 24 hours to take care of the situation.
Since that time, Stephensen’s company has once again returned to do business with Eclipse Wireline.  Which proves that a satisfied customer does indeed know the value of excellent, quality workmanship and reliable customer service practices no matter where, or from how far away they buy product; and understands the old adage: ‘You get what you pay for!’  With customer satisfaction, it’s possible for a good business relationship to develop.


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