Compassionate Third Grader Builds School Supply Box

Good Samaritan: Gavin Gallegos

Albuquerque, NM– Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Gavin Gallegos as this week’s Good Samaritan for providing much needed food and personal care items to his school peers.


Gallegos is a third-grader at McCollum Elementary School, an Albuquerque Public Schools Title I school and the district’s elementary school with the highest rates of students with special needs. In the summer of 2015, he participated in Mayor Berry’s Launch to Learn initiative, a public/private/philanthropic partnership designed to curtail the summer learning loss experienced by Albuquerque’s children.


After meeting Mayor Berry during Launch to Learn, Gallegos became inspired and eager to help his peers in new and innovative ways, similar to the program he just completed. Gavin asked his mom and dad, Monica and Henry Gallegos, to help him build a supply box to be placed at his school. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Gallegos and his dad built the box and called it “Double G Supply Box”. Gallegos filled the supply box with nonperishable food and personal hygiene items that were needed by the student population the school served. When Gallegos’ mom announced that Gallegos had built a supply box and the purpose of the box to McCollum Elementary’ s principal, Carrie McGill, McGill was as enthusiastic to allow Gallegos to put it in the school.


Since the Double G Supply Box has been placed in McCollum Elementary in December 2016, the items are provided on a regular basis to 25 families, as well anyone else who finds themselves in need. Principal McGill reported they have had family and friends donate items to fill Gavin’s box. This week, Double G Supply Box received a substantial donation from the Manzano High School Softball Program, which is the biggest donation to date. Gallegos’ hope is that his supply box idea could be replicated at other schools around the City.


Gallegos’ desire to ensure his peers have their essential needs met by building and providing a supply box is an indication of his generous and kind nature. It is for these reasons that Gavin Gallegos was recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritan.

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