Comm100 Launches Agent Assist to Boost Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction

New agent-facing AI-powered tool improves and accelerates personalized, human-led customer care

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Comm100, a global provider of omnichannel customer experience solutions, today announced the launch of Agent Assist, an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps agents respond to customer queries more quickly, accurately and confidently than ever before. Agent Assist significantly reduces the time agents spend hunting for answers, resulting in faster resolution, higher capacity and more time to focus on more complex or sensitive customer inquiries—all leading to higher customer satisfaction scores.

As AI matures, many companies are weighing the impact this new technology can have on their customers’ experience with their brand, and agent-facing AI is at the heart of that conversation. Agent Assist helps agents become smarter and more efficient, monitoring chat conversations and pulling relevant information from company data in real time so that agents can access the answers they need faster and more accurately.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced agent capabilities: Agent Assist provides real-time answer suggestions to inbound live chat queries from Comm100 canned messages, chatbot intents and knowledge base articles, and gives agents the option to edit those responses before they’re sent. It also streamlines common service requests, like order tracking and password resets. Many of those requests require agents to gather more information, causing them to spend a long time on a routine action; using Agent Assist, agents can invoke a chatbot workflow to gather the details and take back control of the conversation once that’s complete. Additionally, if a chatbot is integrated with core business systems, agents can use it to access those systems and instantly deliver more personalized answers.
  • Straightforward system configuration: With a few clicks, an administrator can train Agent Assist to recognize industry-specific synonyms, select or deselect the resources Agent Assist should use and control how tightly Agent Assist interprets messages with tunable sensitivity scoring.
  • Intelligent learning and easy maintenance: Comm100’s machine learning algorithm observes agent behavior to improve answer suggestions. If Agent Assist cannot help in a certain situation, agents can mark those unrecognized questions to be placed in a learning portal for easy content management and coverage.

“Many companies want to deploy AI in their contact centers, but might not know where to begin, or are concerned about how their customers will react,” said Jeff Epstein, VP of Product at Comm100. “Because its suggestions don’t get pushed to customers without approval, Agent Assist provides a low-risk way to leverage the promise of AI to make contact centers more effective. By putting AI to work for contact center staff, organizations can create ‘Super Agents’ with more knowledge and more capacity to handle any question a customer throws at them—making them the true heroes of customer experience. Agent Assist also helps new agents get up to speed more quickly, reducing their learning curve and making them more productive faster than previously possible.”

To learn more about Comm100’s Agent Assist, visit https://www.comm100.com/platform/livechat-ai/agent-assist. To learn more about Comm100’s other capabilities, visit https://www.comm100.com/.

About Comm100

Comm100 is an award-winning global provider of omnichannel customer experience solutions powered by automation, AI and a friendly interface that’s fast and simple for both visitors and agents. Comm100 helps organizations like AXA, Leviton, Viata, Stanford University and Veridian Credit Union exceed customer expectations through more meaningful engagements. With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and over 10,000 customers worldwide, we help make customer conversations count. Learn more at www.comm100.com/.


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