Comfort is King when it comes to Chassis at KRG

Your precision bolt-action rifle should be an extension of yourself. Anyone that has spent any time shooting knows this to be true. If even the slightest thing is off, it can throw off your shots. And when missing a shot is the difference between gold and bronze or the difference between fresh venison and a lukewarm TV dinner, it can make shooting that much more anxiety-inducing. But shooting shouldn’t be a source of stress and discomfort. Shooting should be as easy and comfortable as possible. In order to make that ideal a reality, many shooters opt to install an aftermarket chassis. Chassis can cut down on weight while improving ergonomics and potential customization.

That’s where KRG comes in. They take pride in producing the Most Comfortable Chassis possible at a ridiculously low weight. KRG chassis are all made in the USA, out of durable, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing materials. All of their chassis ship with the ability to utilize 5- and 10- round AICS pattern magazines. They are also modular, meaning you can swap buttpads, cheekpieces, and forends if you so choose. The main line of KRG chassis, which include the Bravo, X-Ray, and Whiskey-3 are compatible with the Tikka T3/T3x series and Remington 700 series rifles. These rifles are the precision bolt-action weapons of choice for many sport shooters and hunters.

Their entry-level chassis, the Bravo is an attractive, durable, straightforward design that is a dream to hold. Like the rest of the line, the Bravo chassis has an aluminum backbone with high-quality polymer forend and buttstock, meaning it retains an exceptional level of strength while also remaining incredibly light. They don’t call this one of the most comfortable chassis for nothing. The Bravo comes with an adjustable length of pull (LOP) using a spacer stack system, a necessary component of any precision bolt-action chassis. The cheekpiece is tool-less adjustable, allowing shooters to position the pad within a one-inch range of adjustment, which ultimately means you’ll be able to find the sweet spot in no time. The Bravo chassis also features a handful of M-LOK slots on the forend, meaning you are free to customize it in whatever way you see fit.

One of the most popular options from KRG is the X-Ray Chassis. Coming in at 3.1 lbs., this chassis is absurdly lightweight. On top of its weight, the X-Ray is nearly identical in ergonomics to the top-tier Whiskey-3 chassis without breaking the bank. As with the Bravo, the X-Ray has forend M-LOK slots, an adjustable LOP via spacer stack system, and a tool-less adjustable polymer cheekpiece. This gorgeous chassis will fit like a well-tailored suit and will have you shooting more accurately than ever before. The X-Ray (as well as the Whiskey-3) even comes in a left-handed variant for all you southpaws out there.

KRG knows that some customers refuse to use anything other than the absolute best and that’s where the Whiskey-3 Chassis comes in. Uncompromisingly designed, the Whiskey-3 keeps itself light while offering the shooter unprecedented customization for their precision bolt-action rifle. It comes in fixed- and folding-stock variants for increased portability. Adjustments can be made to this incredible chassis to fit almost every body type. You can adjust the buttpads, cheekpiece, and LOP on the fly, which makes small adjustments something that can be done in between shots without a fuss. The numerous M-LOK slots and threaded mounting holes mean that you can attach nearly anything your heart desires.

If you are looking to expand your precision shooting experience, KRG can help you get the most out of your rifle, which is what every rifle owner should demand. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions regarding our product or your rifle!

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