Comfort Food in Logan

After a long day standing on my feet this past weekend, I needed some comfort food. I didn????????t want to drive all over town to find something and it needed to be fairly inexpensive. I was on the south end of Logan and decided that a burger was the comfort food I needed.

I stopped by Burgerz Exprezz and took the suggestion of the young lady behind the counter to get the Western Burger with homecut fries. The burgers are always cooked fresh, so it took five or so minutes to get my order.

It was late afternoon, so it wasn????????t busy. It looked like it was a good time for the owners to clean the restaurant. In the customer area, the floor was being mopped and it looked like that in the back of the kitchen, they were taking time to clean things. That is something that has impressed me each time I have visited the Burgerz Exprezz, it is always clean.

The burger and fries came and I headed home to enjoy a great relaxing afternoon snack with some ??????comfort?????? food. The burger was hot and juicy. Not too much sauce was needed. And the fries were hot and went well with the requisite fry sauce. Yes, it hit the spot.

You can get more information on Burgerz Exprezz.


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