Comcast Cares Serves Wellsville Elementary School

Comcast Cares is a nationwide effort to give back to the communities where Comcast provides services. For the past 10 years, this has been a tradition of Comcast to look for ways to provide service to the community by doing little things that will helps schools, food pantries, clubs and communities.

On April 30, 2011 the Logan office of Comcast gathered spearheaded an effort to spruce up the Wellsville Elementary school at the south end of Cache Valley. The employees of Comcast and their families dug in with approximately 200 volunteers from the elementary school and the community to paint, clean and fix up around the school.

Small groups worked on painting outdoor steps with weather proofing stain and raking and cleaning the outdoor classroom. On the inside, white boards were cleaned and the library was dusted throughout. The principal, Cody Dobson, was helping and overseeing tasks around the school. After it was finished, Kentucky Fried Chicken provided chicken dinners for all of the volunteers.

One of the parents after said, ??????this was a great service to provide in the community.?????? She and her daughter were already thinking of schools to suggest for the next year. Having talked with the Comcast employees who participated, they were all happy to help and look forward to this opportunity every year.

When all was finished, there was new paint on the eaves around the school, a newly painted map of the USA on the playground, a fresh looking outdoor classroom, cleaned white boards on the inside and about 200 or so tired and happy volunteers.


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