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City of Austin Texas Planning and ZoningThe City of Austin will be releasing a second draft of the proposed land development code text and zoning map later this fall in response to feedback from the community, City Boards and Commissions, and the Austin City Council. The rewrite of the land development code, known as CodeNEXT, seeks to align the code with Imagine Austin, the City’s comprehensive plan. The community is encouraged to provide their feedback on the second draft of the code once it has been released. Key upcoming dates include:

  • September 15, 2017 – Second draft of land development code text and zoning map released
  • November 28, 2017 – Third draft of land development code text and zoning map released

CodeNEXT staff is scheduled to present its final recommendations for the land development code text and zoning map to the Planning Commission and Zoning & Platting Commission in late fall 2017 for their consideration.

More dates and information can be found on the timeline.

The final Land Development Code Advisory Group (CAG) report has been released and can be found on the CodeNEXT website. The report is a culmination of the group’s outreach efforts and professional recommendations on the first draft of CodeNEXT.

Mayor Steve Adler, CAG Chair Jim Duncan, and Planning & Zoning Department Director Greg Guernsey thanked the group for their efforts.

“I would like to thank the Land Development Code Advisory Group for the hard work and countless hours they have spent working to help the CodeNEXT team and the community create a new code that will work for all Austinites,” said Mayor Adler.

CAG Chair Jim Duncan added, “The report summarizes key issues raised by the public over the course of the CAG’s existence, and offers recommendations that attempt to bring the code closer into alignment with the priorities of Imagine Austin.”

“I have witnessed the many discussions that have occurred over the past four years,” said Greg Guernsey. “I commend the CAG for their hard work and their commitment to summarizing the views of 17 different representatives into one comprehensive report.”

The final meeting of the CAG was July 5, 2017. More information about past CAG meetings can be found on its web page.

The CodeNEXT team has just released the first of a series of updates and comments on the CodeNEXT project.

In this post, the team looks at the path forward. We recently concluded the formal comment period for consideration of revisions to the first draft of the code. What did we learn, and what happens next? Read the post for a peek at what you can expect in the second draft.

For more information about the CodeNEXT project, CodeNEXT meetings, or office hours, visit austintexas.gov/codenext.

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