City’s Film Office Celebrates Local Filmmakers Awarded in 2020 Sundance Film Festival

NEW ORLEANS — Today, the City of New Orleans celebrated the accomplishments of several local filmmakers and producers who had entries featured or won awards at the recently concluded 2020 Sundance Film festival.

"The outstanding success of our New Orleans filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival shines a light on the amazing talent that is nurtured and sustained in our city," said Film New Orleans Director Carroll Morton. "We are committed to supporting our growing independent film community and to support them as they bring their stories to life."

New Orleans had several entries at the festival by various locally based filmmakers, which include director Garrett Bradley, filmmakers Benh Zeitlen and Josh Penn, documentarians and brothers Bill and Turner Ross, and New Orleans-based producers Sam Bisbee and Josh Penn — who co-produced the feature film "Farewell Amour," with New York-based producer Huriyyah Muhammad.

"Farewell Amour" won the Sundance Institute Producers Award for Narrative Features. The feature film tells the story of an Angolan immigrant who reunites with his family in the U.S. after 17 years apart.

Director Bradley won the U.S. Documentary Competition Director’s Award for her documentary "Time." The documentary follows a family’s journey as its father serves 20 years in prison. Garrett has received several awards for her work; her first feature premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014 and earned favorable reviews. She has worked as the second unit director on the award-winning Ava Duvernay film "When They See Us" and has directed several episodes of the locally shot television series "Queen Sugar."

Filmmakers Benh Zeitlen and Josh Penn premiered their film "Wendy" — a retelling of Peter Pan — to outstanding reviews at Sundance. Their Academy Award-nominated film "Beasts of the Southern Wild" previously won Sundance’s top award in 2012.

New Orleans-based documentarians Bill and Ross Turner premiered "Blood Nose, Empty Pockets," that chronicles the last night of a dive bar set in Las Vegas. The film was shot in a local bar in New Orleans.

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