City to reduce speed limits on four city roadways in November

Changes designed to encourage more appropriate speeds for roadway, promote traffic safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In an effort to enhance traffic safety, posted speed limits on four roadways in Colorado Springs will be reduced in November by five miles per hour. The posted speed limit on Academy Boulevard will be reduced Thursday with the reductions to posted speeds on the remaining three streets to take effect by the end of November.

· Academy Boulevard- Pikes Peak Avenue to Milton Proby Parkway: 50 mph to 45 mph

· Centennial Boulevard- North of Garden of the Gods Road: 40mph to 35 mph

· Flying W Ranch Road- Centennial Boulevard to 30th Street: 35mph to 30mph

· 21st Street- Lower Gold Camp Road to US 24 West: 40mph to 35mph

Changes to posted speed limit will provide a more consistent speed limit throughout the length of the corridor; promote more suitable speeds for the design of the roadway and the adjacent land uses; and provide a better reaction time for motorists to avoid potential conflicts. Together, these changes should enhance safety overall for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

This reduction in speed limits is one of several efforts being implemented to enhance traffic safety for all roadway users.

“The record number of traffic fatalities is taking a toll on our community. We are experiencing an overall increase of 10 miles per hour over the speed citywide,” said Kathleen Krager, Colorado Springs city traffic engineer. “The greater speed a vehicle is traveling at the time of a crash, the greater chance it will result in serious bodily injury or death. Reducing the speed limit and making speeds more consistent throughout the length of the corridor will create more predictability and provide more reaction time for all roadway users.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department and City Traffic Engineering Division are partnering to implement several efforts to enhance traffic safety on our city streets.

In September, the City launched a traffic safety campaign, “Focus on Safety” to remind roadway users of the positive behaviors that can save lives. Visit www.ColoradoSprings.gov/TrafficSafety for more information.

Colorado Springs Police Department will be increasing speed enforcement at various locations November through September 2019, thanks to a federal grant awarded by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Additionally, the CSPD will also be implementing the red light traffic safety camera program in the near future to reduce the number of motorists running red lights at four pre-identified locations around town.


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