City to move forward independently on new Courthouse

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz, – The City of Flagstaff has decided to pursue a courthouse development project independently.

The City of Flagstaff and Coconino County jointly engaged in a Request for Information (RFI) process designed to seek ideas, leverage assets and engage the private sector for input related to a joint courthouse facility in April 2017. This process yielded 10 responses, five were further explored, but none were chosen.

In addition to the joint RFI process, the City and County contracted with Kitchell to verify initial cost estimates, provide preliminary geotechnical and environmental work and to verify that the proposed joint courthouse and related parking would fit on the existing Jail site. At the completion of the cost estimate verification, Kitchell presented a total cost of $64 million dollars for the joint project, $41.3 million of which is the City portion. The City has a total budget of $21.5 million for this project. Kitchell presented their findings to City and County stakeholders at a meeting in October 2017. City staff pursued the option with Kitchell if a value engineering exercise would result in bringing this project within the City budget. Kitchell indicated this was highly unlikely without drastic cuts in square footage and the allocation of additional monies.

“Although the City is unable to move forward on a joint project due to cost constraints, I look forward to implementing the voter’s decision to build a new city courthouse,” said Mayor Coral Evans. “We look forward to continuing our great relationship with the County and exploring other options for shared facilities and improving operational efficiencies.”

Last week, the City of Flagstaff advertised a Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ) for procurement of Design-Build Contractor services. The selected Design-Build Contractor will prepare architectural/engineering plans and perform the construction for the City’s courthouse project. This will be funded using the Prop 412 funds approved in November 2016 as well as funds the city has set aside in anticipation of this project.


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