City of Yuma Road Report, Sept. 28

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A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits

authorized by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

• Araby Road, I-8 – ADOT

• Highway 95, Aberdeen Rd. – Stone Cabin

• Orange Avenue, 3rd Avenue

• County 12th Street, Avenue 5E-Avenue 7E

• County 14th Street, Avenue 3E

• Arizona Avenue, near Crossroads Mission

• Giss Parkway, 3rd Avenue

• Pacific Avenue, near Palo Verde Street

• Well-drilling at various locations

• 40th Street, Avenue 3 1/2 E

• 8th Street, 3rd-4th avenues

• Saguaro Subdivision, 42nd Place and Desert Willows Way

• Avenue B & 20th Street, 22nd Drive & 23rd Street

• Downtown Infrastructure Improvements

• Arizona Avenue, 20th-22nd streets

• 30th Street, Araby to Frontage roads

• 10th Street, 3rd-4th avenues

• 8th Street, 21st Avenue

• 24th Street, Arizona to Pacific avenues

• Avenue A, 32nd-36th streets

• Mesa Avenue, Stetson Street

• 24th Street, Avenue 3E

• Gila Ridge Road, Avenue 4E

• 16th Street, Avenue C

• Avenue B, 8th-16th streets

• Arizona Avenue, 24th Street

• Fiber Installation at various locations (TrueNet)

• City street maintenance

Araby Road & I-8 interchange project (ADOT)
The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) advises drivers to plan ahead for the continued closure of the eastbound Interstate-8 (I-8) on-ramp near the Araby Road traffic interchange improvement project. Contractors are scheduled to work on the barrier wall, median paving, and the inner circle of the roundabout. Restrictions are scheduled to remain in place through Friday, Sept. 28. Drivers should plan to use alternate routes and/or allow extra travel time while restrictions are in place:

  • The eastbound I-8 on-ramp at Araby Road is closed through Friday, Sept. 28.
  • Araby Road continues to be reduced to one lane in each direction from 26th Street to 30th Street through the fall.
  • An 11-foot vehicle width restriction is in place for northbound and southbound traffic on Araby Road.

Drivers should plan for heavy traffic, reduced speed limits and delays. Information provided by ADOT. Delays are likely, so drivers should allow extra time in their commute. Alternate routes include Avenue 8 1/2E, Avenue 3E and 32nd Street. The Araby Road exit (Exit 7) off of I-8 is now open.

Highway 95, Aberdeen Rd.- Stone Cabin (new)
Per ADOT, scheduled full closures will be in place on Highway 95 from Aberdeen Road (milepost 48) to Stone Cabin (milepost 74) for one day only on Sept. 29. The U.S. Army Proving Ground has scheduled military testing that will require full closures in 30-minute intervals for the safety of the public. The scheduled closures are for traffic traveling in both directions, and will begin at 10 a.m. on Sept. 29, finishing by 2:30 p.m. that same day. Closures will take place during the following times:

  • 10 – 10:30 a.m.
  • 12 – 12:30 p.m.
  • 2 – 2:30 p.m.

Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic. Drivers are asked to use caution, obey posted speed limits and traffic control devices.

Orange Avenue, 3rd Avenue
Crews will be working in the intersection of Orange Avenue and 3rd Avenue beginning Monday, Oct. 1, for ten days. While the project is underway, the intersection will be closed. Please use an alternate route and obey all posted traffic signs and control devices.

County 12th Street, Avenue 5E-Avenue 7E
A project to install a new natural gas main line on County 12th Street (40th Street) from Avenue 5E to Avenue 7E is underway and will require lane closures, detours, and shoulder work as part of the traffic control plan that will be in place through Dec. 26. Drivers are asked to seek an alternate route and to drive with caution if going through the work zone.

Additionally, work will be done along Avenue 3 1/2E, near its intersection with County 12th Street, for a separate project. The work on this portion of the area will take place Sept. 20-Nov. 21.

County 14th Street, Avenue 3E
Crews will be working near the intersection of County 14th Street and Avenue 3E, starting as early as Sept. 27, and will continue working for 60 days. Lane closures will be in place, but no full road closures, Drivers are asked to please proceed with caution through the work zone and obey the reduced speed limits in place.

1st Avenue, near 13th Street (new)
There will be traffic control in place for shoulder work on South 1st Avenue near its intersection with 13th Street. This will include a lane closure along 1st Avenue near that vicinity. The traffic control will be in place Oct. 1-5.

Arizona Ave., near Crossroads Mission (new)
A portion of Arizona Avenue near the Crossroads Mission will be fully closed from Oct. 1 to Oct. 19 for a waterline extension project. The contractor will be notifying businesses and residents near the work zone about the closure.

Giss Parkway, 3rd Avenue (new)
A project requiring crews to access a manhole for fiber splicing will be underway from Sept. 27 to Oct. 12 along Giss Parkway near 3rd Avenue. The speed limit on Giss Parkway will be reduced and traffic control devices will be in place to guide traffic through the work zone.

32nd Street, Pacific Avenue (new)
Beginning Sept. 27, a lane closure will be in place on 32nd Street near its intersection with Pacific Avenue. Crews will be accessing a manhole located on the north west side of the intersection, requiring a lane closure and reduced speed limit. The project is to be completed by Nov. 24. Drivers are asked to obey the reduced speed limit and to proceed with caution.

Pacific Avenue, near Palo Verde Street
Starting Oct. 8, a telecommunications fiber installation will require shoulder work, a lane shift and reduced speed limit on Pacific Avenue from Palo Verde Street to 32nd Street. The project will be completed by Oct. 15.

Well-drilling at various locations between 1st-5th avenues and 17th-19th streets
Crews will be drilling to get access to several wells for treatment and monitoring at various locations through Oct. 1. While the work is underway, lane closures will be in place and traffic control devices will be posted to direct traffic. The locations where the work is being done are as follows:

  • 1st Avenue from 18th Street to 19th Street.
  • 2nd Avenue from 18th Street to 19th Street.
  • 3rd Avenue from 18th Street to 19th Street.
  • 18th Street and 5th Avenue.

40th Street, Avenue 3 1/2 E
Arizona Public Service (APS) will be installing overhead crossings on 40th Street and Avenue 3 1/2E through Oct. 15. Additionally, as part of the same project, crews will be setting new poles along 40th Street and Avenue 3 1/2 E, and will be hanging overhead wire on the east side of Avenue 3 1/2 E south of 40th Street.

8th Street, 3rd Avenue-4th Avenue
APS will also be installing overhead crossings on 8th Street between 3rd and 4th avenues for a total of five days, sometime between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31. When crews are in the area, the work will require shoulder and sidewalk closures on 8th Avenue in that area. No road closures necessary.

42nd Place and Desert Willows Way
There will be a road closure near Saguaro Unit 3 subdivision from Sept. 17 to Sept. 29 as crews tie into the storm drain. This includes a full road closure of 42nd Place between Avenue 8E and Desert Willow Way, and of its adjacent street Desert Willow Way from County 12th Street to 42nd Place. The contractor will notify residents of the road closures prior to the work beginning.

Avenue B and 20th Street, 22nd Drive and 23rd Street
A project will require a lane closure and reduced speed limit in two areas: near Avenue B and 20th Street and near 22nd Drive and 23rd Street, which are all within the same vicinity. For the first plan, Avenue B will be reduced to 35 mph near its intersection with 20th Street and will have traffic control devices in place as drivers approach the work zone. The second plan will require similar shoulder work and roadwork on 22nd Drive near 23rd Street, and will have a reduced speed limit of 25 mph in the area. The work will be completed by Nov. 1.

Downtown infrastructure improvements
A City of Yuma Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project is in the works and will be carried out in three phases. Currently, 3rd Street is closed between Gila Street and Main Street. This road closure does not include the intersections at 3rd Street and Gila Street, nor at 3rd Street and Main Street, but Maiden Lane travelers should detour using Gila Street. Access will be maintained to the parking lot between Maiden Lane and Gila Street throughout the project. The entire CIP project is slated to be complete by the end of September.

Arizona Avenue, 20th-22nd streets
A reduced speed limit and traffic control are in place on Arizona Avenue between 20th and 22nd streets. Lane closures will be in place. Work is to be completed by Sept. 28.

30th Street, Araby Road to Frontage Road
Lane closures will be in place along 30th Street between Araby Road and Frontage Road, as crews access a main extension for an industrial water plant. Work is to take place between Oct. 1 and Jan. 1, 2019. On Sept. 24, Arizona Public Service (APS) will be replacing a cabinet on south 30th Street which will require some shoulder work in the same area.

10th Street, 3rd-4th avenues
Crews will be working on 10th Street between 3rd and 4th avenues, starting as early as Sept. 1, through Dec. 31. There will not be a full road closure, but rather some lane closures and shifts.

24th Street, Arizona to Pacific avenues
Crews are doing maintenance work on telephone cables just south of 24th Street from Arizona to Pacific avenues. Work will require the eastbound lanes of 24th Street to be closed between Arizona and Pacific avenues. Traffic control devices will be in place. The project is to be finished by Nov. 30.

Avenue A, 32nd-36th streets
Avenue A is under construction from 32nd Street to 36th Street/Desert Sun Drive. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction and the speed limit is reduced to 25 mph. Traffic control devices will be in the area to help guide traffic through the work-zone. Neighbors with access to 8th Avenue are asked to use it as an alternate route. Work is expected to be complete this fall.

Mesa Avenue, Stetson Street
Southwest Gas will be replacing a natural gas pipe on Mesa Avenue near its intersection with Stetson Street as early as July 25. The project may take up to 90 days, finishing by October 25 at the latest. In the meantime, no full closures will be in place but traffic control and lane shifts will be in the area.

24th Street, Avenue 3E
Southwest Gas will be replacing a gas service line at a property off of 24th Street, between Avenue 2 1/2 E and Avenue 3E. There will be reduced lanes and a slower speed limit. Work is to be finished by November.

Gila Ridge Road, Avenue 4E
Beginning as early as August 8, Gila Ridge Road will have lane closures along it near its intersection with Avenue 4E for approximately two months as crews trench and pull fiber.

16th Street, Avenue C
A lane closure will be required along 16th street near Avenue C starting as early as Aug. 6, and finished by early October. 16th Street’s speed limit near the work zone will be reduced to 35 miles per hour.

30th Street, Araby Road
Crews will be installing new Arizona Public Service (APS) conduits for a new construction on 30th Street, near Araby Road, requiring a closure of 30th Street between Araby Road and Avenue 7E.

Avenue B, 8th-16th streets

A project to replace a vintage steel main line is underway on Avenue B. This will require a lane closure on Avenue B, from 8th St. to 16th St. One lane will remain open in each direction along Avenue B while the project is underway. Signs will be posted to alert drivers of the upcoming closure as they approach the work zone. Lane closures will be in place in that area. The traffic control is to be removed by Nov. 30.

24th Street, Arizona Avenue

Crews began working near the intersection of 24th Street and Arizona Avenue in March, for a project that will require a lane closure along 24th Street near its intersection with Arizona Avenue and will call for the speed limit to be reduced to 25 mph in the work zone. The work is to be completed by the fall.

County 12th Street Bridge, near Avenue D – ADOT (complete)
Fiber Installation at Various Locations (updated)
TrueNet Communications will be installing fiber at various locations from Oct. 8 to Oct. 15, requiring shoulder work and sidewalk/lane closures while crews are in the area. The work will take place at the following locations:

  • Along 18th Place, between Arizona Avenue and Rail Avenue.
  • South of 18th Street near its intersection with 45th Avenue.
  • 24th Street near Ridgeview Drive.
  • 32nd Street, near Kofa High School.
  • 13th Street, near Pacific Avenue.
  • 12th Street, near Avenue C.
  • Redondo Center, near Plaza Cir.

City Street Maintenance
Asphalt maintenance operations for the week of Oct. 1-5 are as follows:

  • Saguaro Estates subdivision (fog seal)
  • La Tierra subdivision, 41st Drive and Camilla Place (fog seal)
  • Yuma Downtown area, Madison Avenue from 3rd Street to 5th Street (fog seal)
  • Ocotillo 4B subdivision (crack seal)
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