The City of Eureka is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a State of California Community Development Block Grant (#16-CDBG-11139) in the amount of $1,100,000. These funds will assist the City in providing homeownership ($372,093) and Single–Family Housing Rehabilitation loans ($558,140) to low/mod individuals. A general administration award of $93,023 was also awarded. Low/moderate income is defined by CDBG as no more than 80% of the Humboldt County area median income, as established by HUD. Homebuyers must purchase “modest” homes located within the city limits of Eureka. The City maintains a long term commitment to the provision of housing for low/moderate income households, who might not otherwise be given an opportunity to purchase a home, as per the goals of the City’s Housing Element.


The City was also awarded $93,000 to conduct a “City of Eureka Strategic Plan to Create Manufacturing and Industrial Jobs.” The Strategic Plan will identify specific actions that the City can take to help existing business grow, opportunities to attract new manufacturing businesses, and other strategies to create high quality jobs. A range of industries will be analyzed for job expansion opportunities, including water-based manufacturing, fishing and aquaculture industries, niche manufacturing, artisans and crafting manufacturing, construction management services, specialty food manufacturing, regional co-packing and bottling, cooperative distribution cross-dock centers, and others. The Strategic Plan will also identify funding options for the proposed actions.

For more information or to be added to the City’s Housing Programs Waiting Lists, please contact the City’s Development Services Economic Development and Housing Division at 707-441-4209.

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