City of Carrollton Expands Single Family Rehabilitation and Demolition/Rebuild Incentive Programs

Carrollton, Texas – The City is excited to present expanded financial options to

homeowners and homebuilders with properties located throughout Carrollton’s designated Neighborhood Empowerment Zones (NEZ).

Carrollton’s Single Family Rehabilitation Incentive promotes the renovation of single-family houses. Property owners can receive up to 25 percent in reimbursements with a maximum incentive of $20,000 for projects such as landscaping, driveways, façades, windows and exterior doors, porches, roofs, fences, retaining walls, and more. All projects must be completed within 12 months of grant approval.

Qualified homes within a NEZ must be at least 5 years old. Incentives are limited to exterior improvements with a minimum private investment of $1,000 for site and screening elements and $4,000 for building elements. If the value of an applicant’s proposed project is lower than the minimum investment level, up to 10 percent of foundation repair costs, and up to 10 percent of interior repair costs needed to bring the house into compliance with City code may be applied to the required minimum investment. A single payment is made upon verification of completion of the project.

The Single Family Demolition/Rebuild Incentive provides monetary incentives to any homeowner or homebuilder who demolishes an existing single-family home within 12 months of grant approval – up to 100 percent of the cost of demolition – and rebuilds a new home on the same lot within 24 months.

This incentive includes a single rebate payment equal to seven years of City property taxes for new construction valued at less than $300,000, or 10 years of City property taxes for new construction valued at more than $300,000. A higher reconstruction incentive may be applied to a lot where a house was demolished without participation in the grant program.

Homebuilders may qualify for the Demolition/Rebuild program, provided that the rebuild incentive will be paid to the first owner-occupant of the newly constructed home.

Additionally, all City construction permit fees related to projects within both programs are waived.

Grant applications for both incentives are reviewed by City staff and the Council Re- Development Subcommittee before being submitted to City Council for approval.

In an effort to partner with property owners in the community, these incentives from the City provide for the removal, replacement, and renovation of aging single-family housing in designated areas to keep Carrollton a thriving and updated place in the Metroplex to call home.

“Our goal in expanding these programs is to provide Carrollton homeowners with the opportunity to create the home they’ve always dreamed of for their families, while simultaneously playing a key role in maintaining our community,” said Marc Guy, Assistant City Manager for Public Safety and Development Services. “These grants support affordable housing and sustainability of the City’s older residential neighborhoods.”

The expanded programs are part of Carrollton’s Neighborhood IMPACT initiative. Neighborhood IMProvement in ACTion has been designed as a one-stop shop concept for all things related to neighborhood integrity.

“IMPACT empowers residents to feel better about their homes, their neighborhood, and their community, and these programs play a key role in that initiative,” said Scott Hudson, Environmental Services Director.

For more information about these grant programs and to find out if your property is eligible and apply, visit cityofcarrollton.com/impact or call 972-466-4299.


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