Public cardboard drop-off sites increased to 32

This week, the City is installing cardboard-only recycling containers in the parking lots of four City libraries. As of April 1, clean and dry corrugated cardboard will no longer be accepted at the City landfill. The library sites will be maintained for three to six months while the City evaluates residents’ recycling needs. Cardboard-only recycling containers are available at these locations:

· Walt Branch Library, 6701 S. 14th Street

· Gere Branch Library, 2400 S. 56th Street

· Anderson Branch Library, 3635 Touzalin Avenue

· Eiseley Branch Library, 1530 Superior Street

The new locations are for cardboard recycling only. Other recyclables must be taken to full service recycling sites. The City has also doubled the cardboard capacity at all 28 full-service public recycling drop-off sites. Residents may also subscribe to a curbside recycling service provided by a garbage or recycling collector.

Because public drop-off sites are sized to accommodate household recycling only, businesses should subscribe to a recycling service or deliver cardboard directly to a recycling processor.

As residents prepare for the change, City Recycling Coordinator Gene Hanlon said that in the first two months of 2018 cardboard recycling has increased 22 percent compared to the same period in 2017. “Word about the City’s cardboard diversion program is definitely getting out,” Hanlon said. “We’ve been monitoring use of our recycling sites, and we are ready to meet the anticipated increase in cardboard recycling.”

The City is promoting cardboard recycling with the “Take it to the Bin” educational campaign that encourages residents to start or expand their recycling efforts. For more information on the campaign and on recycling cardboard and other materials, visit or call the City Recycling office at 402-441-8215.


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