City crews work to ensure traffic safety around school campuses

City crews work to ensure traffic safety around school campuses
All school zone signage is being upgraded to fluorescent yellow green.

Over the next couple of weeks, Fort Worth kids will begin new routines as they head back to school for the start of another year.

Each summer, the city’s Transportation and Public Works Department contacts administrators with the various school districts in Fort Worth. These districts include more than 225 campuses with a student population of more than 200,000. The mission of the school zone safety program is to provide a safe environment for all students traveling to and from school.

This year, the department’s focus was on safety upgrades and maintenance at schools. Here is a summary of the work performed.

  • Two school zones were added at River Trails Elementary. A school zone was added at Forest Oak Middle School.
  • Most school zones were upgraded with a set of two beacons. Twenty-nine school zones were upgraded. When combined with the new school zones, 53 new solar beacons have been installed. The upgrades as well as the new zones include upgrades from static signs to solar beacons, some with driver feedback signs.
  • All school zone signage will be upgraded to fluorescent yellow green.
  • Parking restrictions are being modified at some campuses to better accommodate vehicle queueing and crosswalk visibility.
  • Crosswalks are being remarked, and some intersections are receiving all-way stops.
  • A sidewalk was added near Lily B. Clayton Elementary as part of the Safe Routes to School program.
  • Other work to be completed soon: Lake Pointe Elementary and C.C. Moss Elementary, all-way stops on corners of the campus; Contreras Elementary, revised parking restrictions for better vehicle queueing and traffic flow; Atwood McDonald Elementary, the school zone on Brentwood Stair Road will receive driver feedback signs; the intersection of Alta Vista Road at Funnel Street will have a signal in addition to the existing school zone; Caprock Elementary and Timber Creek High School, the school zone on Timberland Boulevard will get remarked crosswalks and upgraded signs.

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