City Council supports Local 26 hotel workers

UNITE HERE Local 26 workers filled the City Council chamber urging all community members and City officials to honor their picket line as they strike to preserve and improve working conditions for the workers of the Battery Wharf Hotel, following a change in ownership that has sought to end efforts to advance social inclusion.

The hospitality industry is a major and growing economic force in Boston, with more than 4,000 new hotel rooms permitted, proposed, or in Boston’s development pipeline. Union hotels offer Boston residents an opportunity to join the middle class, with housekeeping wages starting at more than $23 an hour, quality healthcare, a pension, a housing program, and secure retirement and legal plans.

Councilor Edwards, who believes going on strike is a brave thing to do, said, “Standing with you, standing by your side and standing by working families is what we do in Boston. You make us a stronger and better City because of the hard work that you do that is often times unrecognized.”

Councilor Flynn spoke of the Battery Wharf workers saying, “They want to be treated fairly. They want to be treated with respect and dignity. They want a fair wage. They want decent working conditions. They want to make sure their families also have the opportunity for the American dream.”

The chamber was filled with applauds from the Battery Wharf workers as the Council went on record, passing a resolution in support.