City Begins Installation of 50-Mile Activity Loop Wayfinding Signage

Albuquerque New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM-Progress continues on the City’s 50-Mile Activity Loop as the first of 439 wayfinding signs was installed this week at the intersection of Pennsylvania Street and Winrock Loop. The signage will provide direction to bikers, walkers, joggers and others, to better enable them to use the multi-use trail system.


The 50-Mile Activity Loop has been designed to fill in the gaps in the City of Albuquerque’s existing trails and bikeways system, to create a 50 mile multi-use trail and bikeway facility around the city. The project is also adding amenities to the trail system such as benches, shade structures, water fountains, landscaping and pocket parks.


The loop starts in Downtown Albuquerque and travels through the Old Town and museum district, crosses the Rio Grande and touches the edge of Petroglyph National Monument.  It travels along the Riverside Trail up to the Paseo Del Norte Trail, and on to Balloon Fiesta Park.  It takes trail-goers along the northern edge of the city and along the Sandia Mountains.  On their way back to Downtown, there will be shopping and eating opportunities to enjoy, thus stimulating the economy and also creating one more reason to live, work and play in Albuquerque.


“The 50-Mile Loop will be a great asset for Albuquerque, to promote health and recreation and add to the list of activities that make Albuquerque a destination for tourists and residents alike,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.


In 2015, the City of Albuquerque completed the first phase of the 50-Mile Activity Loop, which connected Uptown to Zuni Road via on-street facilities (bikeways and sidewalks) and multi-use trails.  The second phase of the project, which is currently underway, includes the creation of Downtown bike lanes expected to be completed in the spring, along with the installation of the loop signage. The third phase of the project, which should begin by the middle of this year, includes a multi-use trail crossing at Coors Boulevard and Eagle Ranch Road.  The project will connect the existing Piedras Marcadas Park Trail to the Paseo del Norte Trail.


Upon completion, the 50-Mile Activity Loop is anticipated to cost approximately $20 million. The funding has been made available without a tax increase to residents and instead has come from federal grants, existing City revenue, and GO Bond funding. The full loop is expected to be completed by early 2018.


The addition of wayfinding signs is just one more way the City of Albuquerque is working to beautify the city for residents and visitors. In Fall of 2015, this project also contributed to the installation of the city’s first HAWK Signal located at Lomas Boulevard and Alvarado Drive and creation of shared lane bicycle markings (sharrows) to further enhance road safety for bicyclists and motorists.


To learn more about the 50-Mile Loop, visit abqtheplan.cabq.gov

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