Christian Story: Dinner with the King

The Fellowship of the King

Feast upon that which perisheth not. (2 Nephi 9:51)

A good king issued a proclamation, inviting all to feast with him in his kingdom. All were invited to come unto him. He sent out his servants to make sure that all heard the message. Anyone could come; the feast was there for all.

All who heard the message could choose for themselves, whether to attend the feast or not. Numberless concourses of people began to make their way to the king????????s table. Some of the multitude went to the market and did not go to the feast. Others were ashamed, and stayed away.

Many people arrived at the table and sampled a few foods set before them. They did not savor the taste, so they left the table and never came back.

Another group came to the table and discovered that the table was quite low to the ground. They had to bow their heads to reach the food. These, having stiff necks, could not bow their heads, and did not eat.

Others among the multitudes desired greatly to attend because of their love for the good king. Although the way was far and fraught with obstacles, they pressed forward until they arrived at the table. These feasted upon the nourishment, and it was delicious to them.

Dinner Talk Topic: This parable is about spiritual feasting.

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