China Sounds the Falling Population Alarm

About three decades ago the Chinese Communists instituted a "one-child policy" in Communist China. Since then any couple giving birth to more than one child has been persecuted, fined, and even forced into submitting to an unwanted abortion. Over 400,000,000 abortions have been performed in Communist China since the One-Child Policy was instituted.  In November of 2013 the Communists started to reverse that policy suggesting that they would allow more couples to now give birth to a second child. (see: China Easing One-Child Policy— http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/11/15/china-one-child-policy/3570593/

The Chinese Communist government was hoping that this policy change would result in another 2 million births per year in China. However, as reported in the Wall Street Journal today, about a year after the shift in policy, it hasn't worked as expected by the top down absolute rulers of China. Only about 7% of the couples that qualify to have a second child have applied to do so during that Year, a dissapointing number. (see WSJ article: No Baby Boom After Shift in One-Childe Policy by Laurie Burkitt, Nov. 8, 2014)

The United Nations suggests that between 2010 and 2030 China's labor force will lose approximately 67 million workers. Yikes! That must be sending a shiver up the spines of the central planners. I'll bet some of them wish there had been a few million fewer abortions during that period. Though I can imagine them shrugging and saying, "You can't cry over spilled blood." (or was it milk?).

The Red Chinese Communist government is now reaping the terrible harvest of a forced decline in population.  It's workforce is declining, the aging population is more numerous than the younger generation. Its economic acceloration is decelorating.   Around the world the United Nations has been preaching its gospel of the need for population reduction for years. The Chinese communists also believed population reduction to be a great idea (the Communists are no strangers to destroying their own population having killed an estimated 80 million of their own people during the Communist revolution). Time will tell just how well this One-Child Policy has worked for them, but it already appears that it is backfiring with unexpected results (although any good demographer or smart economist might have suggested the outcomes of such a policy before it was instituted). They have begun to reap what they have sown for 30 years. There's nothing like a declining population to put your country into a decline.

The Communists in China have also instituted policies that have provided for many new cities to be built (more failed central economic planning) for a generation that has been partly prevented from being born. Reports of empty cities and a huge real estate bubble have been coming out of China for years. Perhaps part of the reason is the lack of  population growth. I'll bet someone has lost face over these real estate decisions….but then again, maybe it's all swept under the carpet as no-one dares tell a murderous Communist regime that the emperor has no clothes.

The decline in population in China raises questions as to how the Communist government will deal with its falling population problem if the younger generation doesn't now volunteer to have more children. Will they force people to have more children or face penalties? Will they find ways to help nature to reduce the number of older people in the population?  Will they offer a bonus to those who have more children?  Someone will have a loss of face over the One-Child Policy. No doubt there will be a lot of blame shifting. Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. 

Central planning doesn't work well if at all. This One-Child program by the Chinese Communists is just one more example of failed central government planning and further proof that freedom of the individual to make his/her own family decisions works far better than top down government family planning.

Even as I write this the United Nations continues its war against traditional family and its war against population growth. It continues to worry about population control and carbon footprints and other nonsense. It continues to promote population reduction methods, and policies around the world. Many developed countries such as Germany, Japan, and Italy are starting to recognize how disasterous population decline can be to their economies and their nations.  Some have even started to offer incentives to young people to have more children. These incentives are not working well as the young people have been indoctrinated to believe that growth in population will destroy the earth.

It's time for good people around the world to multiply and replenish the earth. 

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