Chief Marchand Statement on YouTube Video

Pocatello IdahoOver the last several days, the City of Pocatello has been inundated with people from around the nation voicing their displeasure about a video showing a subject filming the Federal Bureau of Investigation facility and his arrest.


The subject was not charged with “public voyeurism” or any other crime in regards to filming of the facility. The officer made an error in saying “public voyeurism” and as such, no charges along those lines have been filed against the individual. However, the individual has been charged with “resisting and obstructing officers” under Idaho Code 18-705. After reviewing the police report as well as the video, the City of Pocatello Legal Department will be pursuing “resisting and obstructing officers” charges against the individual in the video.


While officers have been trained on photography in public, we will all be taking the opportunity to refresh ourselves on the issue. All officers will receive a copy of an information bulletin from the US Department of Homeland Security that outlines the rights of citizens “to photograph the exterior of federally owned and leased facilities.”


Officers have a duty to protect the citizens of the community they serve. This includes investigating activity that is reported by citizens as suspicious to ascertain whether the behavior or activity is truly suspicious or not. We will continue to diligently investigate these circumstances and reports from residents.

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