Cherry Lane Is the Pits–but Not for Long

Last week, the view down Cherry Lane was a little like playing a video game: lots and lots of reflectors were embedded in the asphalt, marking the center lanes, the dotted lines and every single manhole cover (there are a lot of manholes) as the first phase of a road resurfacing project that affects more than just Cherry Lane.

Portions of Antelope Drive, Fairfield Road, Gentile Street, 3300 West and 3200 West will all get a facelift. Half of Cherry Lane will be done at a time.

Layton City????????s Public Works Department is getting serious about repairing Layton streets before the snow flies. In this August heat, snow is hard to imagine but preparations for winter must be made now.

The city is using a different material than in the past; it????????s a light-weight aggregate (LWA) chip seal with a fog seal coating to fill in the gaps. According to a source at the Public Works Department, the chip seal/fog seal combination does an ??????amazing job for wearing surfaces, adheres better to oil and results in less windshield chipping and waste material in the gutter–at about one-third the cost of asphalt overlay.??????

After the manholes are marked with reflectors, they are covered with sand so the chip seal will not stick to them and cover them up. Today, the chip seal was being applied to the lower half of Cherry Lane; the only visible reflectors were marking the center stripes. Heavy equipment was in full force and interrupted traffic but, surprisingly, traffic didn????????t back up much. Road crews were efficient in moving traffic around the equipment.

The upper half of Cherry Lane will get a new surface in late August to prepare for the chip seal and fog seal. Long before winter, driving down Cherry Lane won????????t be the pits; it????????ll be a bowl of cherries.


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