Chef Menteur Highway Post Office Named for fallen Officer Daryle Holloway

Chef Menteur Highway Post Office Named for fallen Officer Daryle HollowayNEW ORLEANS–Starting today (Oct. 14), the post office at 5919 Chef Menteur Highway is now known as the Daryle Holloway Post Office Building. Officer Holloway was a 22-year veteran of the NOPD who was tragically killed in the line of duty on June 20, 2015.

Watch Video: Family and Friends Pack Chef Menteur Hwy Post Office for Dedication to Daryle Holloway 

In June 2016, President Obama signed a bill, sponsored by Richmond, renaming the post office in honor of Holloway.

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Today, NOPD leadership joined U.S. Representative Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, Holloway’s friends and family and USPS officials in a dedication ceremony.

“For me, a person who knew Daryle and the type of person that he was, it was important for me to show the kids in our community that all of our heroes don’t have to have on football pants, basketball shorts or a baseball jersey or hold a microphone in their hand,” Richmond said. “You can become a star, a hero and a role model by just doing the right thing, especially when people are not looking.”

Deputy Chief Paul Noel told the crowd Daryle’s larger-than-life personality remains a topic of discussion across the city.

“Everywhere I go, there’s not a week that goes by where someone doesn’t pull me on the side to tell me a story about Daryle,” Noel said. “Sometimes, the stories are funny. But, they always involve him changing somebody’s life either on a small scale or, sometimes, on a very large scale.”

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