Check off your to-do list while cycling

How often do you use your bike for everyday errands? You might as well make a fun game of it and earn recognition during Bike Friendly Fort Worth’s Errandonnee during National Bike Month.

The term errandonnee is a hybrid of “errands” and the French word “randonnee,” meaning a journey. Conceptually, these two words may not seem to fit well together, but string some errands together for one long ride interrupted by sleep and other diversions and you have an errandonnee.

To participate in the 2018 Errandonnee, complete at least 20 errands from a list of categories (no more than two trips per category) and ride at least 80 miles in May. Everyone who completes the Errandonne, posts photos to the Facebook event pageand submits a control card by June 2 will receive a Bike Friendly Fort Worth Errandonnee patch.

Categories of errands include arts and entertainment; coffee or dessert; dinner; personal care; volunteering; bike shop; community meeting; non-store errand; social call; work or school; breakfast or lunch; library; personal business; store; and “you carried what on your bike?”


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