Chairman McGough’s Statement on Violent Crime Reduction Plan

Dallas, TX – Public Safety Chairman Adam McGough released the following statement on the Dallas Police Department’s 2020 Violent Crime Reduction Plan:

“Chief Hall has taken the necessary first step: the production of a public plan to reduce violent crime in our city. Important improvements are identified and certain tactics are outlined, such as targeted patrols, a violent crime response team, strategic warrant round ups, and a focused deterrent program. As with any comprehensive planning process, a document now exists for everyone to scrutinize, which in turn comes with the opportunity for increased collaboration.

Public safety requires intentional partnerships with all law enforcement agencies, but also with the community at every level. To make our city safer, changes are needed both internally in our Dallas Police Department and externally to forces outside of the Department’s control. I am thankful that Mayor Johnson called for this plan, and I stand alongside him and all my council colleagues to ensure that we do everything in our power to reverse the rising trends and make Dallas the safest big city in the country.

Our goals need to be much more ambitious, and there are areas where greater measures must be developed to define success of tactics being deployed. We must have a clearly defined implementation strategy and the discipline to evaluate every strategy with regularity, transparency, and specificity.

I look forward to Chief Hall briefing our public safety committee, discussing tactics in greater depth, and working together to produce a safer city for all.”

View 2020 Violent Crime Reduction Plan.