Chairman Keon Hardemon Continues to Champion Living Wages in the City of Miami

(Miami, FL February 8, 2018) – The Miami City Commission unanimously passed legislation to further implement Living Wages on its professional janitorial service contracts. The item proffered by Commission Chairman Keon Hardemon, and co-sponsored by Vice-Chairman Ken Russell is an effort to improve the quality-of-life of residents by providing living wages. Living wages are defined as $15.11 per hour without insurance and $13.20 with insurance.

Chairman Hardemon has continuously championed the cause for living wages, enhanced living wages and responsible wages in the City of Miami. It is his mission to empower residents by providing opportunities for advancement.

"No person should live in poverty if they work a fulltime job for the City of Miami," said Chairman Hardemon.

"Bringing this group of dedicated employees up to a living wage of $15 per hour will be transformative to their lives," said Commissioner Ken Russell. "We have to continue working to bring down the cost of living with affordable housing initiatives as well as empowering from the bottom up so people can afford to live in our city."


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