Central Ave. Corridor Design Ideas Ready for Community Review Tonight

Albuquerque New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM – What if people and businesses along Albuquerque’s principal corridor could plan for a massive investment in infrastructure? How might they leverage the opportunity to serve the most people? Expand choices for housing, jobs and getting around? Reduce poverty?


Those are key goals of a Central Avenue Corridor design workshop, which wraps a week of exploratory design tonight (Monday, March 13) at the KiMo Theater. The presentation begins at 6 p.m. A question and answer discussion immediately follows.


The week builds on a broad foundation of research and community discussions related to the new Bus Rapid Transit project and the rewrite of Albuquerque’s zoning regulations. Where its process is different than all that has come before is its focus on visualizing ways in which sample Corridor sections might change with new development.


The core of the program is in the form of illustrative designs for five sample neighborhoods along Central. While these aren’t proposed plans for development, they are intended to give residents and business leaders reference points for the planning and implementation discussions to follow.


Background for the workshop and each step leading to tonight’s concluding event are reported on the website: www.greatercentralave.org. Designer-narrated videos for the five Corridor areas – west of the River, Downtown, University, Nob Hill and International District neighborhoods – explain how ideas have evolved over the week. See their videos on the project website here (http://bit.ly/2ngLqFm) and here (http://bit.ly/2mXpsto).

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