Celebrate Food: Connecting With Nature & Friends

Changing the way you eat in our fast-paced society is never an easy endeavor. Have you found yourself asking, “I only have a few minutes for lunch, what is the fastest thing I can get while I’m out?”

Our culture is such that we care more about finishing our meal so we can do the next best thing or the next task on our checklist. La Nay Ferme is trying to help change this culturally accepted practice.

A meal should be a celebration of the food and a chance to really connect with those we eat with not a race to fill a whole with a mass of who-knows-what-or-how prepared food.

Here are a few pictures taken from a recent meal prepared at Communal Restaurant in Provo. Chefs Vance Lott and Chris Ricks taught attendees how to prepare and cook several fabulous spring dishes from the CSA shares each La Nay Ferme member receives.

It is our goal to help you rethink food. It should be a celebration in your life, not just another task. Armed with fresh fruits and vegetables from La Nay Ferme you can celebrate more.

Join us… and share your journey as you go.


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