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10 Of The Best Local Restaurants in Salt Lake City Utah

Freshies Lobster in Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City has a rich culinary history. From its early days as a Mormon settlement to its current status as a major metropolitan area, the city has always been home to a diverse range of restaurants. Today, Salt Lake Read more…

15 Interesting Historic Logan, Utah Facts

View of Wellsville Mountain Range from Cache Valley.

Cache Valley Utah has a rich history that dates back to the 1820s when trappers used the area as a storage spot for their furs. Here are 15 historic facts about Cache Valley that highlight the region’s unique past. 1. Read more…

10 Must See Sites in Logan, Utah

American West Heritage Center near Logan Utah

Every town has some interesting sites to be seen. Logan, Utah is no exception. With a state university and mountain trails just outside your door, here are 10 things to see in Logan, Utah, along with a brief description of Read more…

9 Great Local Restaurants to Try in Logan, Utah

Herm's Inn in Logan, Utah, a favorite local restaurant.

With approximately 150 national chains and local restaurants in the Logan, Utah area, you will never go hungry. However, I wanted to share with you some of the best local eats to enjoy. ┬áHere are nine local restaurants in Logan, Read more…