Castle Rock Police Department is asking for your help in building their new Rock Watch program

With more and more businesses and residences having some form of video surveillance, Castle Rock Police are looking to create a unique community partnership. In an effort to better serve the community and get a leg up on detecting, preventing and prosecuting crimes, we are asking for your help by registering your exterior or public area surveillance cameras with our Rock Watch program.

The Rock Watch program employs a modern neighborhood watch concept to allow neighbors to look out for one another by creating a voluntary, opt-in, partnership with our community. When Castle Rock residents and businesses register their exterior or public area surveillance cameras, Police will be able to map out a web of cameras in your area.

If an incident has been reported, this map will assist us in quickly identifying locations where surveillance footage may be located. When your registered cameras may have caught a criminal act, we will ask you to review your recordings and provide them to us for use as evidence in criminal proceedings.

It is important to know, Rock Watch does not allow Castle Rock Police to have independent access to your cameras or surveillance recordings. You will need to share the recordings with the Police Department before we can review the recording.

How can you help? Surveillance video is one of the best methods for detecting and apprehending criminals. Go to CRgov.com/RockWatch TODAY and register each of your cameras located in exterior or public locations. Any area of Castle Rock where public area surveillance cameras are present can be incorporated in this program to improve the efficiency and scope of the Rock Watch program.

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