Carpenter Park Recreation Center Honors its Veterans

Carpenter Park Recreation Center employees found a creative way to honor veterans who are patrons there.  Thanks to a collaboration with Plano Parks and Recreation’s marketing staff, the center completed its first Veterans Day photo project. Located in the front lobby, the display welcomes visitors with an American flag banner adorned with photos of Plano’s decorated veterans. The two dozen veterans represent each branch of the military.


Veterans make up a large portion of Collin County’s population. In Plano we enjoy finding new ways to show our appreciation for their service. Carpenter Park Supervisor Coffy Robinson and patron Donald Duren came up with a positive and unique way to celebrate Veterans Day and get people talking about what it means to serve.


Patrons are stopping and admiring the photos, often stopping for a moment of solitude. The banner display is inspring patrons who served to share their stories with one another.


While Carpenter Park Recreation Center is just one place in Plano that does its part to honor our local veterans, it serves a treasure trove of heroes. Among the center’s Veterans Day display is a patron who served in the Army as an interrogator during the Korean War, as well as Carpenter’s oldest patron who served as a spy in World War II for the OSS, the equivalent of today’s CIA.


Given the tremendous impact the display has had, Coffy said she looks forward to working on the project again next year.


Carpenter Park Recreation Center is located at 6701 Coit Road in Plano.

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