Caring for a Tri City Fairy Garden

It’s been two and a half weeks since my daughter created her fairy garden at Tri City Nursery in Kaysville, and the garden is still going strong. It gets lots of compliments because everyone notices it. The class came with a pamphlet about fairy lore; it said that fairies are vain creatures who like to admire themselves in the mirror. Lily added a few mirrors and now you can’t miss it when you walk up to our front door. The mirrors catch the light and make it twinkle.

It’s easy to care for. She just waters it once a day on overcast days and twice a day on really hot days. It was made with gravel on the bottom for good drainage.

I’ll admit to feeling a little guilty since our Fairy Garden Class. Tri City Nursery has the cleanest floors I’ve ever seen in a nursery. They mop them often. The super-claean floors help give the place a fresh, energetic vibe. It reminds me that I need to mop at home more often, especially since we’re redoing the backyard and tracking in soil.

Clean floors aside, I really hope they offer the Fairy Garden Class at Tri City Nursery next year. I love how it adds a touch of whimsy and magic on the front porch. We got our money’s worth and then some.


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