Captain Phillips Movie Teaches a Lesson

This week I watched the movie “Captain Phillips” Starring Tom Hanks (see: ). It was an exciting movie. As I watched the movie I kept thinking, “This movie teaches a lesson about how important it is to be armed in a dangerous world.” Captain Phillips and his crew were operating a ship in the waters off Somalia, an area known to be infested with active pirates. They should have been armed so as to protect themselves and their ship from these Somali pirates.

It was sad to see what a gigantic, dangerous, and expensive effort it became for the U.S. Navy to rescue Captain Phillips from the pirate kidnappers who were so easily able to board the Captain’s ship and kidnap him because he and his crew were unarmed. The shipping company that required them to be unarmed somehow mistakenly may have believed they were making them safer by disarming them. In fact they simply made these poor seamen vulnerable to pirate attack. The world is full of pirates today. Most of them parade under the label of “socialist”. It’s a dangerous world when so many people believe their desire for someone else’s goods gives them, the pirates, the right to forcibly take it. In the old days that was called theft.

Earlier in the day, when I went into the theater to buy tickets, I saw a big sign on the door to the theater warning that a theater patron could not bring guns, knives or other weapons into the theater. I asked the young lady selling me the tickets, “Do you think that sign on your door makes us safe?” She said, “We are doing the best we can.” I asked, “Do you think a mass murderer who wants to kill innocent theater goers is going to pay attention to that sign on the door?” She replied, “I don’t know; I haven’t thought about it.” I remarked, “All that sign does is create a killing field for the mass murders among us. Disarming the innocent is a great way to turn them into victims.” Of course the girl selling me the tickets doesn’t make the policy, but I didn’t have a chance to talk with the fools who want to disarm their law abiding customers.

Later after the movie I discussed this sign and the lack of guns on the ship with my wife and my mother-in-law who went to the movie as we drove home together. My 80 year old mother-in-law said, “If I’d wanted to bring a gun into the theater I could have put it in my purse and nobody would have been the wiser.” Yes, and so could a murderer have done the same. There was no security at the theater, and the sign on the door wouldn’t stop a criminal for a second.

Why should we have to check our second amendment rights at the door of the movie theater? Will that make us safer? If only the criminals are armed, will that make us safer? Why do shippers disarm their crews? Does that make them safer? Does it make their shipments safer? Why do governments disarm their citizens? Does that really make their citizens safer or is it so they can plunder them without the risk of anyone being able to fight back?

I recommend you watch the movie, Captain Phillips. As you do, ask yourself if the shipping line was smart to disarm that ship’s crew. Would the crew have been better able to dissuade the pirates from boarding if they had enjoyed the company of a few loaded AR-15’s on board, or better yet, a few well placed machine guns on board?

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