Can We All Just Get Along?

That is the question I have been asking myself, but as I have talked with friends and associates over the past several months, I found they have been asking the same question.

We see it in many places around us. At the national level, the Senate and the Congress are continually bickering in the name of values. At the state levels, schools districts are pitted against the public. At the local level, communities are divided because leaders refuse to listen in an understanding way.

People continue to throw in the ??Ÿ?¦?race card??Ÿ?¦? to take people off their game. Really? Why would someone do this? What I see is one side refusing to give anything, and the other begins to negotiate against itself. Since when does that work? (Note ??Ÿ?¦Ÿ?? it doesn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t matter which side you might be on, both sides do it.)

The trickle-down effect has allowed us to see this phenomenon crop up around us. What I see in most of these cases is that people get nit-picky and personal. Things are mentioned that don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t have any place in the dialogue, but are used to incite the other to irrational behavior.

I have very good friends that I disagree with in most cases when it comes to social and political ideas. However, we talk and share ideas and thoughts and have even come up with excellent solutions that probably would work to help the nation. (Coffee groups are amazingly powerful.)

In the local community, I witnessed incivility to an amazing extent. It created a division in the community. It caused good people to change jobs. It caused a McCoy-Hadfield mentality to arise in the community. Several years later, most everything has died down, but it did take several years. And, in a small community, people don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t forget.

I am a believer that people should have their own opinions. Without the contrasting points of view, how would we improve? Something I learned when I was young (and that is getting more distant), is that necessity is the mother of invention. This holds true in mechanics and in policy.

The necessity is here. How do we invent new ways to run this great country?

In the end, I will ask the question one more time, ??Ÿ?¦?Can we all just get along???Ÿ?¦? Perhaps, our mothers taught us best ??Ÿ?¦?? if you can??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t say something nice, don??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t say anything at all.

Wouldn??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t it be nice to hear the sound of silence from the marble steps of Washington sometimes? Just a thought.


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