Cache Valley Center for the Arts JUNE GALLERY WALK @ SUMMERFEST

Cache Valley Center for the Arts

(LOGAN, UT) The Cache Valley Center for the Arts is partnering with Summerfest for the June Gallery Walk on Friday, June 14, 2013 from 6????????9 pm. This free walk will feature 23 selected artists participating in the Summerfest Arts Faire June 13-15 on the Logan Tabernacle grounds located at 50 N Main Street. Cache Valley Center for the Arts now hosts a 2nd Friday Walk on the even months throughout the year, and rather than compete with a local favorite, CVCA will be highlighting one of the biggest arts events taking place in the heart of Downtown Logan.

??????We are always looking to add vibrancy to the downtown arts scene while making it easy for our community to calendar and prepare for these regular events,?????? said Andrea DeHaan, CVCA????????s Arts Education Coordinator. ??????This is a neat opportunity for Cache Valley to elevate the arts and provide increased exposure for local and guest artists.??????

CVCA continues networking with new artists and businesses to support our ever increasing arts scene. DeHaan hopes that such opportunities will help us grow the demand for more arts events and create additional chances for artists to sell work and build local audiences. CVCA currently holds six Walks and hopes that there will be a demand for even more in 2014. On Friday, August 9, 2013 CVCA Gallery Walk returns to several local businesses, galleries, and nonprofit art spaces downtown.

Summerfest is one of the few free large Arts Festival events in the state. It draws in art lovers from the entire state & region. With a 30 year history, Summerfest has also built a steady reputation that entices a nice mix of new artists and regulars to apply and be juried into this event. Cache Valley is a splendid place to be during the summer because of the beautiful mountains, cooler temperatures, and friendly downtown. Artists, collectors and community members enjoy the mix of artist booths, entertainment, and associated activities like the annual Plein Air event and silent auction. Local artists, Utah Artists, regional artists and even a few artists as far away as New York make their way to Logan. In addition to the lengthy list of artists working and living here, it is home to a long list of summer favorites including Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre, Old Lyric Repertory Company, and the Cache Valley Cruise-In. Some say that Summerfest is the kick off event as it takes place annually on Fathers???????? Day weekend.

Art lovers of every description will have the opportunity to socialize and tour a full spectrum of spaces and mediums ???????? all in one evening. Start at any booth marked on the map at the back of The Herald Journal program insert (delivered to homes on Sunday, June 9) or stop by the Summerfest Plein Air tent on the north/east side of the Tabernacle to pick up a map. Gallery Walk Booths will be clearly marked with the official CVCA Gallery Walk poster. Maps can also be downloaded online at www.cachearts.org.

While you are out, don????????t forget to vote for your favorite artist in Summerfest????????s People????????s Choice Award that will be announced on Saturday, June 15 at noon.

The June CVCA Gallery Walk features the following Summerfest Artists: Dorwain Wahlquist at booth 4; Michelene Berkey at booth 5; Mark McKenna at booth 11; Desarae Lee at booth 21; Trent Gudmundsen at booth 24 & 25; James Simister at booth 39; Ed Kolle at booth 31; Kay Homan at booth 44 & 45; Sean Wallis at booth 47; Nikki Root at booth 68; Charles Siefert at booth 71 & 72; Kim Heath at booth 73; Matt Suess at booth 76; Jeffrey Nelson at booth 92; Tai Poon at booth 122; Catherine Novak at booth 129; Mary Anne Loveless at booth 133; Scott Hale at booth 149; Sylvia Weston at booth 165; Mountain Crest High School Art Students at booth 166; Fast Forward High School Art Students at booth 167; Joe and Pat White at booth 172; Jeff Wallis at booth 176 & 177.

Visit www.CacheArts.org for exhibition details, maps and artist info or read on for details about individual artists. CVCA thanks our many sponsors and supporters including: Cache County Restaurant/RAPZ Tax Funds, Utah Arts & Museums, Cache Valley Visitors Bureau, Logan Downtown Alliance, Summerfest and all the participating artists.

Questions visit www.CacheArts.org, email [email protected] or call the Cache Valley Center for the Arts at 435-752-0026. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for a future walk, email Andrea DeHaan, CVCA Education & Outreach Coordinator at [email protected] or by calling 435-753-6518 ext. 110.
Upcoming 2013 Walks: Aug 9, Oct 11, & Dec 13, 2013


Wood Artist
Hand turned Utah wood
Wahlquist creates and turns each piece from wood grown in Utah. To finish each piece, a coat of paste wax is applied to seal the wood against soil and dust

Surface embellishment & textures on metal
Michelene????????s career as a jeweler has evolved over the years, starting with an early interest in beadwork and collecting ethnic beads. From there she pursued a degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry at California State University, Long Beach. At present, she is exploring surface embellishment and textures on metal using combinations of sterling silver, 14k gold, 18k gold and copper as well as cast elements, gemstones and fresh-water pearls. Some of the processes she uses include; roller-printing, fusing, reticulation, fold-forming, casting and forging. In addition, much of her work is in sterling silver that is oxidized to enhance the textures in the metal and complement the gemstones. Her fascination with beads has come full circle and now she also uses many of these texturing and forming methods to make her own beads.

Oil Painting
Paintings & drawings of the American West
Having lived in Utah where he was born (Logan, Utah in 1984), Idaho, and now Wyoming, Mark has resided in the midst of the Rocky Mountains all of his life. He received his art education from Brigham Young University-Idaho where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration along with his Bachelor of Science in Art Education. Since 2008 Mark has been working as a part-time freelance illustrator, and has work published by numerous publishing houses. He and his little growing family currently reside in Cody where he teaches art at the local high school, and where he has been able to switch his artistic endeavors to his passion of oil painting. Mark was awarded the Gilly Fales Award in 2012, and had the privilege of displaying his work with the Buffalo Bill Art Show. He has been juried into multiple art fairs including the Jackson Hole Art Fair and received an invitation to participate in the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum????????s fall show of 2013.Mark is associated with the Cody Country Art League, the Carbon County Arts Guild, and has his most current work displayed in the North Mountain Gallery in Cody. His work is inspired by many of the old masters, but specifically by several renowned living artists including: Leon Parson, Jim Wilcox, Greg Beecham, Clyde Aspevig, Scott Christensen, Dustin Van Wechel, and Josh Clare.

Detailed cross-hatching in pen and ink
“There are places inside of a person that no one else can possibly understand and about which one could never communicate with words. I use drawing in an attempt to connect those hidden places in myself to the hidden places in the viewer, to somehow create a bridge of communication over the immense expanse of our differing perceptions, languages, and experiences.”

Figurative Oil Painting
??????Quiet Conversations??????
Trent Gudmundsen grew up on a small farm in rural Utah where he enjoyed plenty of free time between school and chores to simply watch the clouds, explore the fields behind his house, and also to record it all in his early paintings. Gudmundsen’s depictions of people and landscapes may seem steeped in nostalgia, but actually symbolically reflect the artist’s own life: one in which he strives to live simply and tries to make time for the important moments. Often using his own children and relatives as models in his paintings, Trent encourages and then captures authentic moments of quiet conversation or contemplation; people learning and teaching, talking and interacting, or simply enjoying a moment in thought in that fleeting time between work and play. The artist’s work has earned acclaim on a national level in numerous shows and publications, including two Oil Painters of America National Exhibitions with an “Award of Excellence” at each, and a full-length feature in Southwest Art. Trent and his wife and their children live in an agricultural valley near the Utah-Idaho border. When he’s not painting, Trent can usually be found building something on the house or in the yard.

Wheel-thrown and hand formed
porcelain & stoneware

Hand forged, acid etched and silver soldered

KAY HOMAN | BOOTH #44 & #45
Western & cowboy Art
Homan has made her career as an artist for thirty-five years. These days watercolors are her main medium. Traditionally, watercolors use limited detail. Kay????????s use of them is the exact opposite, very detailed, hearty in color and involves a lot of layering of the transparent paint. Recognition and appreciation of Homan????????s paintings are evidenced by the many media attention she has received including: Art of the West Magazine????????s 5-page feature; Southwest Art, Western Horseman, International Cowboy, Old West Traveler, Indian Country, and The Bugler. In addition she has received many awards. Summerfest is thrilled she competed to be the featured artist to help celebrate 30 Years

Fine Art
Traditional, impressionistic oil paintings
Sean loves color. He enjoys finding it in nature and making it jump off the canvas. Living all his life in a rural place that has grown urban fostered a desire to paint what is disappearing. Sean looks for places that are untouched by modernity. Painting with a combination of knife and brush work, enables him to utilize texture and color to make a statement. Studying under his father Kent R. Wallis for the last five years, Sean learned to paint plein air above all else and it is still his passion, in addition to a variety of studio work.

Custom glass panels created by
repurposing bottle bottoms & vintage dish ware
Bottoms UP Glass is owned and operated by stained glass artist, Nikki Root. Nikki has custom designed and hand crafted stained glass windows in Cache Valley and surrounding areas since 1994. In addition to her beautiful traditional stained glass, she now specializes in one of-a-kind, three dimensional glass creations. Each piece is skillfully created from a variety of individually hand-cut bottle bottoms and vintage glassware. Thus bringing “glass from the past” to brighten your world today.

Landscape & nature photography
Charles H. Siefert is an accomplished landscape and nature photographer, is at home outdoors no matter where his camera takes him. His eye for inspiring nature spots brings these images to the public. Most of his photographs are landscapes of the western states: the stark beauty of the desert, the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean, and the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains and Sierras. Getting those shots requires an eye for drama in nature, being able to read weather patterns and a penchant for waiting. By using natural light to enhance colors throughout each season, he is able to offer breathtaking images in his photographic collection. Charles and Marcia Siefert print mount and finish all their work. With pricing from $19.00 to $1600.00, they have something for everyone. Prints available on metal canvas and traditional paper products.

Contemporary abstract metal art
Kim creates dramatic, 3-D, one-of-kind metal wall sculptures. He individually designs, cuts, shapes, welds and enhances the natural beauty of the metal, as envisioned in his imagination. Using a torch as his paintbrush, he brings out all the brilliant colors of the steel by using varying degrees of heat. No paints or dyes are ever used in the color process. ??????The challenge is to find just the right temperature to get the color I want. I like to make my pieces come alive by using the changing light, the metal????????s natural colors and various techniques I have discovered.??????

Digital Photography
Multiple photos, each exposed differently &
combined digitally to be further enhanced
Matt is an award-winning photographer whose career spans 24+ years and counting. He started his career as a photojournalist working in New England. Published worldwide, credits include: The Associated Press, Boston Herald, Connecticut Post, Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod View Magazine, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, New Haven Register, Sojourns Travel Magazine, and USA Today to name just a few. In 2003 he was awarded the New England Press Association????????s Photographer of the Year Award, an award presented to me for my photojournalist work throughout the entire calendar year. A digital photography pioneer, Matt helped bring the first digital cameras to the Connecticut Post Newspaper in the late 1990???????s. Matt combines multiple photos, each exposed differently, in his digital darkroom where he can further enhance the finished piece to have incredible detail and depth.

Finely crafted Marquetry furniture, mirrors, artwork,
floors, and accessories
Designers and creators of finely crafted Marquetry furniture, mirrors, fine art, flooring and accessories all made in New York. For years, Hudson River Inlay has been creating intricate veneer woodworking and wood floor inlays.

Watercolor Painting
Watercolor on silk
Poon Tai To was born in Mainland, China. At the tender age of five, he began the serious study of art under the tutelage of China’s famed Chao Shoa-An. He was considered the master of Ling-Nam school and the most versatile Chinese painter the last century has produced. Tai To quietly and meticulously learned the difficult and disciplined traditional Chinese bamboo brushwork. His progress was rapid. He won the governor of Hong Kong’s favor and had his first exhibit at the palace.

Combining evocative color, pattern, geological
imprint, and lapidary to create unique pieces of art
Their work with natural stone is a shared effort. Richard does the heavy lifting (literally) and grinding and polishing of large pieces. Cathy designs and creates smaller rock objects. This effort is the convergence of several parallel paths: enthusiasm for earth history, mentorships with old-school rock hounds and lapidary folks, and lots of experimentation.

Mixed Media
Bold textures, pattern, & polymer clay designs
Art makes me happy! That’s her online handle, and it’s just so true. Mary is primarily a polymer artist, though she would love to try every medium on the planet. She has been working in polymer for nearly 25 years because its versatility is amazing, and it’s fun to see polymer taking its rightful place in the fine art world. It’s a medium that both beginners and masters can delight in. She gravitates to bold patterns, textures, and interesting color palettes. Not afraid of color, she loves to experiment with surface techniques, but also dabble in sculptural elements. She works in a small scale with insect pins, jewelry, and hinged tins, as well as larger mosaic pieces.

Soft landscape pastels
Many of Scott????????s paintings are interpretations of places where light, land and water collide in profound moments. Others are records of settings where there lies understated compositional beauty rather than majestic drama. Relying on a mixture of representational and abstract sensibilities, Scott is engaged in creating impressions that are equal parts sight and emotion. Each piece focuses on strong compositional lines and shapes, the interchange of light and dark values, and intriguing color. Working in both oil and pastel, Scott has cultivated certain characteristics into a singular style, which has a strong graphic quality and visual depth. In 2003 Scott left a career in Seattle, moved to Bozeman, Montana, and began painting full time.
Tin Type Photography
[email protected] – Summerfest at Tabernacle Square Scholarship Recipient
19th century photographic processes

Art Students (Art Instructor: Michael Bingham)
CVCA featured Youth Artist????????s

Art Students (Art Instructor: Andrew Worrell)
CVCA featured Youth Artist????????s

Handcrafted leather products
Joe and Pat White have eighty combined years of experience in producing the highest quality leather products. Pat began as a child. Since she is now 29, that means she has more than 40 years of leather experience. Joe White started in his late twenties and has now been working with leather for about 35 years. Pat is the artist. She focuses on design, stamping and tooling. Joe is more of the craftsman. He takes the hides, cuts them into belt blanks or whatever is necessary. He edges, dyes, and finishes all the products. Together, they make a marvelous leather team.
Since every piece is hand made and every piece of leather is different, there is still a challenge with every single piece created. Just how that stamp goes in or how that piece takes the dye is an adventure and makes it fun.

JEFF WALLIS | BOOTH #176 & #177
Oil Paintings
Outdoor settings & landscapes
For Jeff Wallis, art has always been a part of his life, but it was not until recently that it became his life. Wallis, a valley native, grew up in the shadow of a great painter, his father Kent Wallis. As a child he spent lots of time with his father in his studio. That helped him develop a love for the art of painting. After high school, Wallis served an LDS mission to Argentina. When he came home he attended Utah State University and received his degree in anthropology, a far cry from art. But, the same year he graduated USU (2006), Wallis decided he wanted to enter a few of his paintings into Summerfest to make some money to buy art supplies, but he got a little more than he bargained for. Wallis decided that he would make the jump to a full-time painter. Currently, Wallis is attending school at Bridgerland their nursing program, something he feels can be a good backup for him as he continues to paint.

Getting ready for the Art Walk? Don’t forget to visit our website to print or download a map of participating galleries. Maps of the Gallery Walk featured artists and People????????s Choice Award nomination forms will be at the Summerfest Plein Air and Silent Auction tent throughout the event. For press materials, high resolution images, or more information about each individual artist, please call the Cache Valley Center for the Arts at 753-6518 ext. 150 or email Amanda Castillo at [email protected]


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